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Distance Learning Market in India 2016-2020

Oct-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 58 | Code : MRS-88445 | 2500

About Distance Learning Technology plays an important role in enabling the growth of the country's economy and the education sector in particular. Higher education institutes are increasingly opting for online courses. Half of the population in India is estimated to be below 25 years of age. T Read more

Flipped Classroom Market in North America 2016-2020

Oct-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 55 | Code : MRS-88424 | 2500

About Flipped Classrooms in North America Various hardware and software vendors are exploring the education ecosystem to develop products and services by leveraging their competencies; this is due to the growing penetration of education technology in North America that has upgraded the overal Read more

Global SIS Market for Higher Education 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 60 | Code : MRS-81731 | 2500

About SIS SIS maintains data about staff, students, and administration. Using this data, the system can generate reports and dashboards. These reports enable administrators to make strategic decisions and reduce operating costs. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global SIS market for higher Read more

Global Higher Education Active Learning Platform Market 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 63 | Code : MRS-81722 | 2500

About Educational Technology Educational technology is a means to enrich the learning experience. To that end, digital classrooms make use of advanced technological learning aids (such as interactive whiteboards and 3D printing) to boost student interactivity and to enhance knowledge retention Read more

Global Next Gen LMS Market 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 60 | Code : MRS-81701 | 2500

About Next-Gen LMS A next-gen LMS is a software application used to plan, deliver, and manage the learning process. It uses web-based technology to manage, administer, track, report on the delivery, and evaluate the performance of participants. In addition to the functionalities of the traditi Read more

K-12 Laboratory Kits Market in the US 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 58 | Code : MRS-81674 | 2500

About K-12 Education Early adoption of advanced IT hardware in the developed economy of the US has enabled educational institutions to focus on continuous innovation in delivery methods. Various types of software such as learning management systems and learning content management systems have Read more

Global Anti-Plagiarism Software Market for the Education Sector 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 52 | Code : MRS-81662 | 2500

About Plagiarism Avoidance The concern of higher education institutions towards academic dishonesty is manifested in their websites, where students are advised on correct referencing and plagiarism avoidance. Also, educators are given the tools and guidance to detect individuals who break the Read more

Competency-based Platforms Market for Higher Education in the US 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 55 | Code : MRS-81618 | 2500

About Competency-Based Education Competency-based education is an educational model in which the emphasis is primarily on acquiring proficiency in skills that are measured through assessments along with credits given to skills learned through work experience or in earlier programs. It differs Read more

Global Smart Education Software Market 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 59 | Code : MRS-80482 | 2500

ABSTRACT About Smart Education Software Education provided with the use of technology is called smart education. This kind of education system is equipped with hardware and software, which aid the subject faculty, enhance learning experience, and improve dissemination of knowledge. Analytical p Read more

Online Tutoring Services Market in the US 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 52 | Code : MRS-80481 | 2500

About Tutoring Services in the US Tutoring services in the US are a resilient segment in the country's education market, as tutoring has long been a part of a student's learning process. The advent of technology has only expanded the market by allowing numerous types of tutors to reach out to Read more

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