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Professional Online Courses Market In India 2016-2020

May-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 55 | Code : MRS-63269 | 2500

About the Professional Online Courses Market in India Professional online courses are gaining popularity among learners in India. The emphasis put on technical education is fostering the market growth. These courses are mainly beneficial for learners who have to discontinue formal education. Read more

Global Cloud-Based Virtual Learning Platform Market 2016-2020

May-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 58 | Code : MRS-63268 | 2500

About the Cloud-Based Virtual Learning Platform Market Cloud-based virtual learning platform is an online tutoring platform. This platform helps education institutions offer remedial tutoring services to students through a web-based portal instead of traditional face-to-face tutoring methodol Read more

Global Interactive Tables Market 2016-2020

May-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 59 | Code : MRS-63267 | 2500

About the Interactive Tables Market Interactive tables are also known as multi-touch tables. They are used to deliver collaborative learning in the education sector. Since the emergence of BYOD policies and the advent of touch screen devices in the education market, the practice of direct gro Read more

Global Adaptive Learning Software Market 2016-2020

May-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 58 | Code : MRS-63263 | 2500

About the Adaptive Learning Software Market Adaptive learning is a medium of delivery that is used to pass on educational content and courses to the students in a learning framework that is tailored to the student’s unique needs and ability. Adaptive learning is an integral part of the educat Read more

Global Classroom Wearables Technology Market 2016-2020

May-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 62 | Code : MRS-63258 | 2500

About the Classroom Wearables Technology Market The wearable technology has changed the way we communicate, collect, and analyze data. The wearable devices have similar mechanisms like smartphones and tablets and come in various shapes and sizes. These devices can be mounted anywhere on the b Read more

Global Lecture Capture Solutions Market 2016-2020

May-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 60 | Code : MRS-63239 | 2500

About the Lecture Capture Solutions Market Lecture capture solutions refer to technologies that capture, create, manage, broadcast, and archive lectures. These technologies record the presenter's content, synchronize it with a visual aid, and either stream the content live or archive it for fut Read more

Global Generic E-Learning Courses Market 2016-2020

Jun-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 76 | Code : MRS-61644 | 2500

About the Generic E-Learning Courses Market E-learning refers to learning through electronic gadgets, such as PCs, notebooks, and tablets. It is backed by ICT that enables users to learn 24/7 learning from any access point. The curriculum of e-learning includes archived and real-time informat Read more

Global Online Language Learning Market

Jun-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 69 | Code : MRS-61643 | 2500

About the Online Language Learning Market Online language learning consists of digital content and solutions that facilitate the learning of languages through ICT tools and platforms, such as mobile apps, e-Books, games, videos, audio clips, digital software, learning lab equipment, and onli Read more

Global Network Analytics 2016-2020

Jun-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 60 | Code : MRS-61642 | 2500

About the Network Analytics Market Network analytics solutions enable network supervisors to understand, visualize, and record activities occurring on the networks. These solutions focus on network and equipment behavior. Network analytics solutions help mobile network operators identify netw Read more

Technical and Vocational Education Market in North America 2016-2020

Jun-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 53 | Code : MRS-61641 | 2500

About the Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) Market in North America TVE equips people with essential skills to successfully transition from classrooms to workplaces. In many countries, it is referred to as technical vocational education and training (TVET). The TVE system in North Amer Read more

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