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Enhanced Oil Recovery Market Outlook - Global Trends, Forecast, and Opportunity Assessment (2014-2022)

Nov-2015 | Stratistics MRC | Pages : 114 | Code : MRS-37815 | 4150

The Global Enhanced Oil Recovery market is valued at $20.6 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach $106.4 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 22.7% during the forecast period 2014 to 2022. Growing demand for energy, reinforcing existing reserves, growing oil demand and imports in Asia Pacific Read more

X-Band Radar Market Outlook - Global Trends, Forecast, and Opportunity Assessment (2014-2022)

Nov-2015 | Stratistics MRC | Pages : 128 | Code : MRS-37812 | 4150

The Global X-band Radar market is accounted for $3.86 billion in 2014, and is projected to register a CAGR of 4.1% to reach $5.33 billion by 2022. Radar is an acronym for Radio Detection and Ranging used to determine the location, range or speed of an object. X-Band radar works between frequenc Read more

Synchrophasors Market in the US 2015

Nov-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 68 | Code : MRS-37707 | 2500

About synchrophasor Synchrophasor is a technology that is used by utilities to implement smart grid at the transmission level; it is a precise, smart grid measurement technology that takes measurements at a high rate compared to conventional technology like SCADA. It provides the status of the Read more

Global Mineral-oil-based Lubricants Market 2015-2019

Nov-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 59 | Code : MRS-37701 | 2500

About mineral oil-based lubricants Lubricants are used to reduce friction between two surfaces of equipment or components. They are usually in oil, semi-fluid, or solid state. Superior-quality lubricants have high thermal stability, high boiling point, low freezing point, and high viscosity in Read more

Global Off-grid Energy Storage Market 2015-2019

Nov-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 70 | Code : MRS-37681 | 2500

Market outlook of the global off-grid energy storage market Energy storage systems are used to store excess electricity that can be utilized during power shortages, blackouts, and peak hours of demand. The global market for off-grid energy storage is driven by the need to maintain off-grid iss Read more

Global Biometric Access Control Systems Market 2015-2019

Nov-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 87 | Code : MRS-37644 | 2500

About biometrics access control systems Biometrics access control systems are based on the behavioural and physiological characteristics of an individual that are difficult to replicate. Various biometric technologies such as voice recognition, palm geometry recognition, DNA identification, ga Read more

Global Antivirus Software Package Market 2015-2019

Nov-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 111 | Code : MRS-37642 | 3000

About antivirus software package An antivirus scans the system memory, OS, and systems' files using signature-based detection methods, heuristic detection methods, rootkit detection, and real-time scanning to prevent computers from being infected with malware. The Internet usage has become sig Read more

Distribution Management System in North America 2015-2019

Nov-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 66 | Code : MRS-37634 | 2500

About distribution management system in North America A distribution management system (DMS) is an integrated system that combines various components of the grid, which provides the operator valued information in a single screen. This helps the operator take informed decision in managing and m Read more

Data Center Fabric Market in US 2016-2020

Nov-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 67 | Code : MRS-37632 | 2500

Data Center Fabric Market in the US 2016-2020 Covering: This market research report presents a comprehensive segmentation of the data center fabric market in the US based on solutions (fabric Switch, fabric Routers, SAN fabric, and management software), and end-users (cloud service providers Read more

Prepaid Metering Market 2015-2019

Nov-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 62 | Code : MRS-37617 | 2500

About prepaid metering Prepaid metering refers to paying for electricity before it is used. The consumer buys credit and then uses services until the credit expires. The concept of prepaid metering has been there for decades, but the major make shift took place in the 1980s by introduction of Read more

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