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Packaged Food in Nigeria

Nov-2016 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 186 | Code : MRS-96404 | 4650

The packaged food industry continued to perform well in Nigeria over the review period, despite an economic recession in 2016. Growth of the already large Nigerian population, particularly babies, children and young people, drove categories such as baby food, confectionery, noodles, biscuits an Read more

Packaged Food in Ireland

Nov-2016 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 240 | Code : MRS-96403 | 4650

Sales of packaged food continued to grow in Ireland in 2016. The market continued to benefit from the return of consumer confidence amongst Irish consumers, as the Irish economy saw significant improvements. However, external forces, such as the planned exit of the UK from the European Union, p Read more

Staples Overview: Exploring Possibilities for Growth in Rice, Pasta and Noodles

Dec-2016 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 43 | Code : MRS-96399 | 850

Staples is geographically divided into highly saturated markets and highly unsaturated ones. In highly saturated markets, some consumers are shifting from consuming staples, but this provides significant opportunities for manufacturers to target smaller, higher spend audiences that prioritise q Read more

Packaged Food in the United Arab Emirates

Dec-2016 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 214 | Code : MRS-96389 | 4650

Despite a slowing economy that resulted from low oil prices, packaged food in the United Arab Emirates still managed to register strong growth in volume and current value terms in 2016. This was partly due to the continued influx of foreign expatriate workers seeking better employment opportuni Read more

Packaged Food in Romania

Dec-2016 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 249 | Code : MRS-96388 | 4650

Consolidation is the word that appears most often on the lips of producers of food and drinks when asked what the food industry will look like over the next forecast period. As of 2016 packaged food exports are performing well with a better presence in the European market. Meanwhile, many categ Read more

Packaged Food in Morocco

Dec-2016 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 211 | Code : MRS-96387 | 4650

While packaged food value sales increased in Morocco in 2016, growth was slower than the review period CAGR due to a number of reasons. Firstly, rising awareness of the unhealthy properties of some processed goods resulted in a shift towards fresh and organic food. In addition, there was partic Read more

Packaged Food in Japan

Dec-2016 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 248 | Code : MRS-96386 | 4650

The Japanese population is seeing significant decline, with a falling birth rate and a growing population of elderly people, which continued to have an influence on the packaged food environment in 2016. Sales of baby food were negatively impacted by this trend due to the lower number of new-bo Read more

Packaged Food in Australia

Dec-2016 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 260 | Code : MRS-96385 | 4650

Packaged food current value sales grew by a robust 3% in 2016 in the face of competition from fresh food. The fact that consumers are increasingly demanding minimally processed and healthy foods is fuelling sales of fresh food. However, consumers also want convenience, something that packaged f Read more

Packaged Food in Lithuania

Dec-2016 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 208 | Code : MRS-96369 | 4650

Population decline is the main challenge faced by packaged food producers in Lithuania. This demographic trend meant that most packaged food categories stagnated or only registered minor gains in volume terms during the review period. Nevertheless, rising disposable incomes and increased purcha Read more

Packaged Food in Russia

Dec-2016 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 241 | Code : MRS-96345 | 4650

Following the harsh conditions for the development of packaged food in 2015, when the economic downturn was gathering pace and import restrictions led to an immediate shortage of certain products, packaged food recorded more-positive development in 2016. The economy as a whole was characterised Read more

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