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Packaged Food in Italy

Nov-2016 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 246 | Code : MRS-120978 | 4650

During 2016 the Italian economy was supposed to turn, and start recovering from the previous years of recession. Thanks to government stimuli, as well as an improvement in consumer trust, towards the end of 2015 there was a general although moderate increase in value sales in many markets, incl Read more

Packaged Food in Chile

Jan-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 216 | Code : MRS-120977 | 4650

Despite the poor performance of the Chilean economy in recent years, value growth was higher in 2016 than in 2015. While consumers are buying less, there has been a rise in the premiumisation and indulgence trends in some categories as shoppers look to reward themselves when they limit purchase Read more

Packaged Food in Bulgaria

Feb-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 232 | Code : MRS-120976 | 4650

Bulgarian consumers are changing their lifestyles and eating patterns, establishing new rules for producers of packaged food. The new expectations and habits create new requirements for marketing, tools and tone of voice. More than ever consumers are pushing food manufacturers to exclude artifi Read more

Packaged Food in Kazakhstan

Jan-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 185 | Code : MRS-120975 | 4650

In 2016 packaged food generated 1% total volume growth in Kazakhstan. The slowdown in the volume consumption was due to decreased purchasing power among consumers after currency devaluations in 2014 and 2015. Consumers became more price-sensitive and continued to frequently purchase only from p Read more

Packaged Food in Finland

Nov-2016 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 257 | Code : MRS-120974 | 4650

The ongoing price war, a sluggish economy and elevated unemployment did not do any favours to growth of Finnish packaged food. Indeed, in 2016, the performance in current value terms was poor. Heavy competition forced many manufacturers to reconsider their strategies, marketing and product sele Read more

Fresh Food in the United Kingdom

Mar-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 72 | Code : MRS-120952 | 790

Fresh food continued to grow in both volume and value terms in 2016. Although the growth was marginal in volume terms, it was still an indicator of the changing eating habits of the country which was mainly driven by the young generation. New eating trends such as consuming organic and natural Read more

Fresh Food in Spain

Mar-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 78 | Code : MRS-120951 | 790

The decreasing population in the country was a key factor damaging total volume sales of fresh food in 2016. In addition, other negative factors negatively affected consumption of fresh food; the increase in single households continued to drive demand for ready meals and packaged food in place Read more

Fresh Food in Japan

Mar-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 80 | Code : MRS-120950 | 790

2016 saw retail volume growth return to negative territory in fresh food in Japan after positive retail volume growth was registered in 2015. This is because media reports have revealed the failure of some packaged food manufacturers to maintain appropriate food safety standards, with many inst Read more

Fresh Food in Germany

Mar-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 73 | Code : MRS-120949 | 790

In 2016, total volume sales of fresh food in Germany stagnated, while value sales rose due to increasing prices in most categories. Despite stagnating volume sales, the fresh food market put in a stronger performance than the review period average. Euromonitor International's Fresh Food in Ger Read more

Fresh Food in France

Mar-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 81 | Code : MRS-120948 | 790

In 2016, many economic indicators turned green for fresh food. Although the local economy and private final consumption recovered, most French households looked to control their budgets and expenditure, which coincided with the growing trend towards preparing meals from scratch at home. Thanks Read more

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