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Health and Wellness in Greece

May-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 90 | Code : MRS-141231 | 1350

While the ongoing recession and shrinking disposable incomes had a direct and negative impact upon health and wellness sales growth, the fact that both manufacturers and retailers invested heavily in products with added nutritional value and with health and wellness claims contributed to improv Read more

Health and Wellness in Germany

May-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 103 | Code : MRS-141230 | 1350

Most health and wellness related categories in packaged food and non-alcoholic beverages recorded further growth in Germany towards the end of the review period in 2015 and 2016, which can be attributed to two main factors. On the one hand, the favourable economic circumstances meant that consu Read more

Health and Wellness in Finland

May-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 101 | Code : MRS-141229 | 1350

2016 saw a return to positive value and volume growth in the health and wellness market after the previous year’s declining sales. However, there were big differences in the performances of the various HW categories. Growth continues to be impacted by the uncertain economic situation, the relat Read more

Health and Wellness in Denmark

May-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 98 | Code : MRS-141228 | 1350

Health and wellness continued to be one of the most important factors in the purchasing decision process of many Danes. However, as the trend continued to evolve into a wide range of sub-trends, Danish consumers demand more from HW products. It is for example no longer enough for carbonates or Read more

Health and Wellness in Colombia

May-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 90 | Code : MRS-141227 | 1350

The health and wellness trend continued to gain ground among Colombians, and is encouraging the development of new products across packaged food and beverages. In 2016 the market recorded positive growth, although the development of sophisticated claims and organic products remained marginal. F Read more

Health and Wellness in China

May-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 98 | Code : MRS-141226 | 1350

With household incomes and health awareness increasing, consumer demand for health and wellness beverages is steadily growing. The understanding that health and wellness beverages can promote a healthier lifestyle has expanded from first-tier cities to lower-tier cities where people are becomin Read more

Health and Wellness in Chile

May-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 76 | Code : MRS-141225 | 1350

In spite of the deceleration of the Chilean economy, health and wellness packaged food and beverages performed well and continued to register healthy growth in 2016. The main drivers sustaining this positive performance in a rather unfavourable context were the health and wellness trend and the Read more

Health and Wellness in Canada

May-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 111 | Code : MRS-141224 | 1350

The health-conscious culture continues to evolve in Canada, as manifested in a wide range of areas. Consumers are increasingly careful of the food and beverages they eat and drink, and constantly examine product labels and ingredient lists. As such, they place greater emphasis on food and bever Read more

Health and Wellness in Brazil

May-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 88 | Code : MRS-141223 | 1350

Although the country’s economic situation remains very challenging and many families saw their disposable incomes continuing to shrink, health and wellness in Brazil continued to grow – albeit slower than the previous year. This demonstrates that the trend of pursuing a healthier lifestyle is i Read more

Health and Wellness in Belgium

May-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 97 | Code : MRS-141222 | 1350

Health and wellness performed relatively well in Belgium in 2016 compared to regular food and beverages. Indeed, as the number of health and environmentally conscious Belgian consumers is growing, health and wellness solutions are becoming more available in retail outlets. With ‘better for you’ Read more

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