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Australian IFAs, Investment Managers and Platforms 2016

Dec-2016 | Verdict Retail | Pages : 37 | Code : MRS-92435 | 3450

Summary Financial advisors are a key distribution network for retail investors in Australia. All investment product manufacturers need to understand the priorities and criteria that advisors use to select their investment partners and platforms. As almost all advisors use a platform to manage t Read more

Retail Banking Country Snapshot: Denmark 2016

Dec-2016 | Verdict Retail | Pages : 47 | Code : MRS-92433 | 3450

Summary Danske Bank and Nordea are the leading providers in the current account and savings account markets, with Nykredit dominating the provision of mortgages. Although branches remain the most important channel for acquisition, online - and increasingly mobile - are the main channels for ong Read more

UK Travel Insurance: Distribution and Marketing 2016

Dec-2016 | Verdict Retail | Pages : 38 | Code : MRS-92432 | 1295

Summary Financial services providers are beginning to establish a presence in the distribution of travel insurance policies. Many consumers are benefitting from being able to obtain a policy from their bank as part of a packaged feature with their current account. Convenience is an important at Read more

UK Private Motor Insurance: Distribution and Marketing 2016

Dec-2016 | Verdict Retail | Pages : 36 | Code : MRS-92431 | 1295

Summary The purchasing preferences of private motor insurance customers have remained steady in 2016. Direct to insurer is still the most popular distribution channel. A presence on price comparison sites is also important, with customers using the channel both to research and purchase insuranc Read more

UK Consumer Credit 2016: Forecasts and Future Opportunities

Dec-2016 | Verdict Retail | Pages : 31 | Code : MRS-92430 | 3450

Summary Consumer credit lending in 2016 will rise by 7%, but growth will slow over the forecast period, with balances outstanding reaching £292.5bn in 2020. Consumer confidence will maintain current demand, despite the uncertainty caused by the UK's vote to leave the EU in June 2016. Strong com Read more

Insurance Competitor Profile: RSA 2016

Dec-2016 | Verdict Retail | Pages : 39 | Code : MRS-92429 | 1295

Summary RSA Group is one of the oldest and largest commercial insurers in the world. RSA has divided its portfolio into three core regions: the UK and Ireland, Canada, and Scandinavia. RSA caters to a wide range of businesses, from SMEs to large UK-domiciled multinational companies. With its sp Read more

Insurance Competitor Profile: LV= Group 2016

Nov-2016 | Verdict Retail | Pages : 33 | Code : MRS-92428 | 1295

Summary LV= is a mutual incorporated under the terms of the Friendly Societies Act 1992, which offers both general insurance and life insurance. Operating in 16 offices across the UK, it is the fourth largest personal motor insurer in the UK. Key Findings - Personal lines accounted for 79.0% o Read more

Retail Banking Country Snapshot: UAE 2016

Dec-2016 | Verdict Retail | Pages : 46 | Code : MRS-92427 | 3450

Summary The UAE is overbanked with around 49 players, making it a fragmented and highly competitive market. Penetration is high and consumers are well informed and sophisticated, but the large number of expats in the UAE (over 90% of the population) creates unique requirements. Reputation is ke Read more

Wealth in Russia: Sizing the Market Opportunity 2016

Dec-2016 | Verdict Retail | Pages : 40 | Code : MRS-92426 | 3450

Summary The performance of the Russian liquid wealth market is driven by strong growth in the retail savings and investments market. Given the predominant allocation in deposits, year-on-year growth has depended primarily on GDP and wage growth, which in turn have been influenced by commodity p Read more

Wealth in Indonesia: Sizing the Market Opportunity 2016

Dec-2016 | Verdict Retail | Pages : 46 | Code : MRS-92425 | 3450

Summary The Indonesian affluent market is small but is set for continuous strong growth. Indeed, the proportions of HNW and mass affluent individuals compared to its overall size are unremarkable, and it is only the strong growth rates that are predicted that make the market so attractive. Depo Read more

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