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Indian Coal Outlook 2016

Published: Feb-2017 | Format: PDF | Enincon Consulting llp | Number of pages: 500 | Code: MRS - 90277

Indian coal imports more than tripled from 64 MT in 2010 to 194 MT in 2014 as thermal generation grew at a rapid pace, while the growth in domestic production remained low.  The demand for coal continued to grow in 2015 with thermal generation up a healthy 6%. However, in 2015 the growth in domestic coal production was even higher at more than 8%, the highest growth rate in at least 11 years. With production growth exceeding consumption growth, imports started to decrease and was down 16% Year on Year (YoY) in the second half of 2015. Imports continued down in first few months of 2016 , but imports in June and July were back in growth territory. Thermal power generation growth has slowed down in recent months, leading to dipping PLFs (Plant load Factors) and hence domestic coal production has also nosedived. In August and September, the YoY production growth was negative with -6% & -10% respectively and hence Year to Date coal production came down to a spare +2%.

Key Queries Resolved

  • What is the likely impact on coal imports with govt. focusing more on boosting domestic production?
  • Which coal rich country may become India’s next import destination?
  • What will be the regulatory and policy outlook for domestic/imported coal in India?
  • What will be the Demand – Supply dynamics of coking/non coking coal by 2022?
  • What will be the imported coking/non coking coal dynamics of India by 2022?
  • How renewable capacity addition going to impact coal production?
  • What is the future role of India in global coal trade?
  • Could India significantly reduce its coal imports and under what conditions?
  • What will be the fate of Coal industry in near future?

Table of Content

Contents and Coverage

  • Domestic Coal Fields and Mining in India
  • Indian Domestic Coal Demand Supply Dynamics 2022
  • Cost Dynamics of Coal Mining in India
  • Logistics of Domestic Coal in India
  • Coal Washing in India
  • Major Imported Coal Destinations for India
  • Imported Coal Demand Supply Dynamics 2022
  • Price Analysis of Imported Coal
  • Quality Adjusted Price Benchmarking of Indian and International Coal
  • Domestic Coal Asset Track
  • Overseas Coal Asset Track
  • India’s Deal and Contracts in International Market

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