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Advertising and marketing are two sides of a single coin. Adverstising is a part of marketing wherein a particular idea about ones business, persons, product, or service is spread through various mediums like online, media, magazines, billboards, TV, newspapers, and radio. The marketing basically deals with consumer behavior and market study while advertising involves the deployment of creative practices like design and multimedia production. Advertising and marketing are inversely proportional to each other such that both help create a brand image and also in engaging the target audience. These both will principally help increase knowledge about myriad markets as it is very important to connect to the public across the globe. One of the key ways to connect to the public is through communication platforms like media or the Internet. Thus, one of the common ways of connecting to the public is through TV advertisements or radio as a major portion of the public use the existing telecommunication technologies. At present, the advertising tools based on consumer demographics and browsing habits are being created to drill deep into consumer demographics, habits, tastes, and locales. This will help advertisements appear to extremely niched groups. In recent years, ads on social media sites have been included in the media. Another important development has been the implementation of data mining and predictive analytics to understand patterns of consumer media use so as to place ads, particularly digital ads, in front of the finest possible audience. The advertising & marketing studies include convert advertising, artificial intelligence, public services, and others to influence the consumers.

Global Acetic Acid Market to 2020 – Surge in VAM and PTA Sectors in Asia Pacific to Drive Global Demand of Acetic Acid Industry

Feb-2013 | GBI Research | Pages : 0 | Code : MRS-1288 | 1000

Acetic Acid Global Market to 2020- Surge in VAM and PTA Sectors in Asia Pacific to Drive Global Demand” is an in-depth report from GBI Research focused on the demand side of the global acetic acid industry. The report provides the reader with detailed analysis and forecasts of the major economic Read more

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