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Biotechnology has played a very significant role in re-establishing and refining the industries, right from agriculture to environment science. It plays an important role in improving industrial standards, services as well as developing new products and services. The Biotech industry in India has been able to successfully position itself with its immense growth potential, will continue to play a more significant role as an innovative manufacturing hub.

Biotechnology consists of a wide variety of life science based research companies which continuously work on transformative technologies to provide it to varied industries. Among the various areas of research, environmental science, material science and agriculture are the major areas of research. Among these major areas the largest impact has been made in the field medicine.

The sector is one of the most significant sectors in enhancing India's global profile and being a large player in the research and development of pharmaceuticals, the contribution of biotechnology towards the field healthcare is indisputable.

Many firms in this industry have been touching new heights and are transforming themselves into pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical leaders as they have been successful in genetic analysis as well as in the manipulation to the formation of varied new drugs.

The growth and expansion in the in the field of biotechnology has been classified into three stages or is also known as ‘waves’. The three waves are namely, the green wave, which is followed by the red waves and lastly the white wave.

The first stage of development which is known as the ‘green wave’, in the industry was conquered by the agricultural applications of technology.

The red wave consists of medical application where genetic engineering techniques are used to develop powerful new therapeutics for preventing diseases, their management and cure.

The last stage is the ‘white wave’ which consists of industrial application of biotechnology. These biotechnology instruments find its application in microarray technology, chemotherapy, mass spectrometry etc.

The invention of biotechnology tools has given birth to various multidisciplinary fields such as bioinformatics and pharmacy-genomics are a few to name. Along with biotechnology tools it has also revolutionized the fields of drug discovery, drug delivery, personalized medicine etc.

This report studies the technology markets and the emerging felids of biomarkers, genomics, proteomics, biomaterials, etc.

This set of research category includes a set of comprehensive reports based on in-depth analysis and varied research methods, tools and techniques used by biotech companies in the biochemical industry. There are also business reports pertaining to funding, product pipelines, mergers and acquisitions which have been incorporated for enhanced strategic development of the biotech industry. The green and white wave biotech has also been covered in the reports herein.

India also has no dearth of talent in this sector, as wide no of institution and government regulatory bodies provide the necessary opportunities for the student seeking to obtain a degree in this sector. There is wide scope for research and development (R&D) in the field of biotechnology.

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