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Aug-2015 | AccuStream Research | Pages : 128 | Code : MRS-36073 | 2995

ACCUSTREAM RESEARCH: IP AUDIO-VIDEO DOWNLOAD-TO-OWN STORES AND SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES TICKETING $22.6 BIL. IN 15; GLOBAL MOVIE/TV RECEIPTS TO SURPASS MUSIC IN 16 The international marketplace for IP audio-video facilitated through paid-to-own media vendors and Read more

IP Video Marketplace Monetization 2015 - 2018: Ad Spend, Subscription, Paid Channels and Event Programming Receipts

Sep-2015 | AccuStream Research | Pages : 96 | Code : MRS-36072 | 3695

The IP video program marketplace is a sprawling collection of non-linear contributory channels feeding into, and intermingling with broadcast television, and likewise supported by a wide-ranging mix of advertising, subscription, paid channels, events and services on course to yield $21.8 Read more

Digital Video Ad Spend and Billings Viability of Time-Based Formats In Non-Linear Channels

Jul-2015 | AccuStream Research | Pages : 78 | Code : MRS-36071 | 3495

Seaside, CA Premium digital video publishers, their agencies and brand marketer partners have settled expectations regarding the migration of linear TV to VOD advertising paradigms that are time-based, carving out pods of inventory inserted sequentially into long-form programming online.& Read more

IP Video Publisher Receipts and Tech Vendor Payments: Ecosystem Profit Per COGS/OpEx Unit of Investment 2015 – 2017

Jun-2015 | AccuStream Research | Pages : 50 | Code : MRS-36070 | 3695

IP video publishers are forecast to deliver $22 billion in ad sales and subscription receipts across all platforms and geographies served in 2015, made against related COGS/OpEx vendor payments of $10.3 billion, according to a multi-disciplinary, industry-wide analysis carried out by AccuStream R Read more

IP Video Tech 360: The Value Chain 2015 - 2017, Module to Workflow Integration

Jun-2015 | AccuStream Research | Pages : 470 | Code : MRS-36069 | 3695

IP video tech foundational purchase and upgrade budgets allocated by global operators, broadcasters/programmers (bridging linear and on-demand), OTT services, VOD services, Live-to-VOD integrations, network DVR and the enterprise (on-premises and in the cloud) are expected to surpass $18 Read more

In-Stream Video Advertising 101: Inventory Abundance, Execution Headaches

Jun-2015 | AccuStream Research | Pages : 68 | Code : MRS-36068 | 2995

Brands, marketers, agencies and adtech vendors--collectively the demand side--have all clamored for more premium in-stream ad inventory, and in 2015 the supply side is unlocking some 296 billion avails, though ad op growing pains persist. Media execs too, for their part, a Read more

Digital Video AdTech 2015 - 2017: Monetizing Beyond the Linear Clock

Jun-2015 | AccuStream Research | Pages : 50 | Code : MRS-36067 | 2995

Digital video adtech providers booked $7.3 billion in 2014 global net revenue, with ecosystem-wide comparable growth from all formats, screens and devices supported projected to increase 22% - 31% in 2015, according to this vendor, solutions, marketplace, business operations and Read more

Global 3G 4G Enabled Mobile Devices Market 2015-2019

Oct-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 99 | Code : MRS-35444 | 2500

About 3G/4G-enabled mobile devices The global 3G/4G-enabled mobile devices market is driven by smartphones, tablets, and data cards markets. 3G/4G technology is more advanced compared to 2G. This technology allows high data uplink and downlink on 3G/4G-enabled devices. Technavio's analysts fo Read more

Set-Top Box Market in Brazil 2015-2019

Oct-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 75 | Code : MRS-35359 | 2500

About set-top box An STB is a device that is connected to a TV in a user's premise. It enables end-users to receive unencrypted subscribed channels through an addressable system for viewing encrypted channels. The STB connects a TV to an external signal source and transforms the AV signal into Read more

Global Rugged Notebooks Market 2015-2019

Oct-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 49 | Code : MRS-35343 | 2000

About rugged notebook The only difference between a rugged notebook and a standard notebook is the toughness. A rugged notebook is designed in such a way that it can withstand harsh environmental factors such as dust, rain, cold, and high temperature. To classify a notebook is rugged or not, i Read more

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