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Competency-based Platforms Market for Higher Education in the US 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 55 | Code : MRS-81618 | 2500

About Competency-Based Education Competency-based education is an educational model in which the emphasis is primarily on acquiring proficiency in skills that are measured through assessments along with credits given to skills learned through work experience or in earlier programs. It differs Read more

Global Smart Education Software Market 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 59 | Code : MRS-80482 | 2500

ABSTRACT About Smart Education Software Education provided with the use of technology is called smart education. This kind of education system is equipped with hardware and software, which aid the subject faculty, enhance learning experience, and improve dissemination of knowledge. Analytical p Read more

Online Tutoring Services Market in the US 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 52 | Code : MRS-80481 | 2500

About Tutoring Services in the US Tutoring services in the US are a resilient segment in the country's education market, as tutoring has long been a part of a student's learning process. The advent of technology has only expanded the market by allowing numerous types of tutors to reach out to Read more

Global Physical Education Technology Market 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 58 | Code : MRS-80480 | 2500

About Physical Education Technology Market The physical education technology market is highly dynamic as it is still in its nascent stage, with many vendors still exploring ways to converge technology with physical education activities while ensuring educational institutions do not incur substa Read more

ELT Market in China 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 57 | Code : MRS-80479 | 2500

About ELT in China In China, the teaching and lesson quality of compulsory English language in schools is poor compared to international standards. However, realizing the importance of being proficient in this language for higher education and daily communication, families are seeking addition Read more

Professional Development Market in Europe 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 64 | Code : MRS-80476 | 2500

ABSTRACT About Professional Development Professional development in the education sector refers to specialized training, workshops, courses, or advanced professional learning intended to help educators such as teachers, administrators, and others to improve their professional competence and eff Read more

Global Cloud Computing Market in Higher Education 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 68 | Code : MRS-80450 | 2500

About Cloud Computing Cloud computing is the use of computing resources where systems are connected by public or private networks to offer scalable infrastructure for applications and file storage. It offers a pool of resources that includes data storage, specified applications, and networks a Read more

Corporate Training Market in Europe 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 67 | Code : MRS-80433 | 2500

About Corporate Training Market in Europe European corporations are making extensive investments toward digitizing training processes, as it enables quick and convenient delivery of training content to employees. Digitization helps overcome traditional restrictions such as adherence to a set t Read more

Global K-12 Testing and Assessment Market 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 60 | Code : MRS-80431 | 2500

About Tests and Assessments The incorporation of e-learning in schools and the culture of formative assessments are providing the required boost for the growth of the market. Tests and assessments form an essential part of educational institutions. These processes incorporate various metrics t Read more

Global Classroom Displays Market 2016-2020

Sep-2016 | Technavio | Pages : 63 | Code : MRS-80401 | 2500

About the education sector Over the years, the education sector has built IT infrastructure to be able to seamlessly employ educational technologies. This development in educational institutions is contributing to the gradual transformation of the traditional classroom structure. The latter is Read more

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