Electronics Market Research Reports and Industry Size, Share

Electronics is the branch of physics & technology dealing with circuit design through the use of microchip & transistor coupled with the electron behavior in vacuum, semiconductor, and gas. It finds a slew of applications in signal processing, information processing, and telecommunications. The growth of the electronics industry is influenced by the five trends including product design outsourcing, robotics & automation, IoT, smart TV, and virtual reality in electronic manufacturing. Technological breakthroughs in the automotive sector like self-driven cars are likely to produce large demand for the power electronics sector that includes domain control units and electronic control units. Furthermore, the electronics business is impacted due to the onset of new business models. New entrants are infringing upon supplier terrain, unsettling the status quo, and speeding up the competitive landscape. Advancements in computing, analytics, and mobile tools are changing the face of the electronics industry. Automated warehouses are accelerating deliveries through robots controlling each step in the process of warehousing including unloading of goods and quality control. With growing automation and the need for reducing labor costs along with raising operational efficiency, the electronics industry is predicted to gain traction over the forthcoming years. With the automobile and consumer electronics industry tending towards lightweight, electrification, miniaturization, and AI, the electronics sector is likely to reach scalable heights within the next few years. Groundbreaking innovations like advanced driving assistant systems, electric vehicles, and connected things in the automobile sector are projected to create a boom for the electronics business over the forthcoming years. Growing digitization witnessed in myriad sectors is likely to generate surplus growth opportunities for the industry players in the various markets over the forthcoming years. Globalization and rapidly emerging e-commerce industry are also projected to contribute enormously towards the electronics industry in the years to come.

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