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China Dust-collecting Equipment Market Report, 2014-2018

Jun-2014 | Huidian Research | Pages : 76 | Code : MRS-3236 | 1600

In 2013, China released many policies relating to environmental protection, increasing emission standards and supplying more subsidies for using dust-collecting equipments in coal and electric power enterprises. Many favorable factors accelerate the growth of domestic dust-collecting equipment ma Read more

In-depth Research on China Solid Waste Disposal Industry, 2014-2018

Jul-2014 | Huidian Research | Pages : 103 | Code : MRS-3227 | 2200

Please Note: The report is in Chinese version now. The English version will be delivered in 1-2 business days. Solid waste can be classified into three categories, which are household waste, industrial solid waste and hazardous solid waste. Competition of solid waste indust Read more

Investment Prospect Analysis on Hazardous Waste Treatment Market in China, 2014-2018

Sep-2014 | Huidian Research | Pages : 65 | Code : MRS-3211 | 1900

In 2013, the total output of hazardous waste in China was 34.65 million tons, slightly dropped compared that of 2012 which was 34.9 million tons. However, the above data are published by Environmental Protection Department, and they are just data declared by enterprises. Huidian Research estimate Read more

Industrial Waste Recycling and Services Market in Europe 2015-2019

Dec-2014 | Technavio | Pages : 76 | Code : MRS-2922 | 2500

  Industrial waste recycling and services involve the collection, sorting, recycling, and landfilling. Industries worldwide generate various types of waste, most of which can be reused. Industrial waste includes hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Hazardous was Read more

The Global Desalination Market 2013-2023

Jul-2013 | GMR Data | Pages : 137 | Code : MRS-1921 | 2370

The Global Desalination Market 2013-2023 is GMR Data’s latest utility report. Primary drivers of the desalination market are increased urbanisation / industrialisation, water scarcity and inadequate or under maintained water infrastructure. The Global Desalination Market 2013-2023 report an Read more

Global Water and Waste Water Market in Mining Industry 2014-2018

Nov-2014 | Technavio | Pages : 54 | Code : MRS-1845 | 2500

Water is extremely important in the processing of ore extracted in the Mining industry. Many of the mining facilities in the world are located in regions with a low source of water. These facilities face water-related issues Read more

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