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Food is an ingredient comprising of protein, fat, carbohydrate, and vital nutrients. It provides nourishment to the body of an organism and helps the living organism in sustaining its physical & intellectual/mental growth. Food gives energy to the body and helps in the proper functioning of the key processes of the internal organs of the body. The introduction of new technologies like AI and automation of food processing techniques is expected to make lucrative influence in the growth of the food industry over the coming years. In addition to this, shifting consumer preference as well as the alteration in the lifestyles of the working population is likely to generate a huge demand for organic, nutritious, and healthy food. Moreover, enforcement of food safety laws is predicted to result in the expansion of the product line and the focus of the firms on traceability. Furthermore, growing popularity for the convenience & packaged food items will culminate intrigger the growth of the food industry in the foreseeable future. Additionally, various types of packaging of food have played a vital role in determining the growth of the food market over the last few years. The rise in the standards of living and urbanization has also leveraged the growth of the food industry across the globe. Emerging regional markets like such as Asia are expected to make a notable contribution towards the market earnings over the next few years. The food demand in these developing economies is predicted to increase drastically due to population explosion, rise in the income, and need for the diet comprising of a high proportion of calories and proteins. Apart from this, advancements in the food processing & handling equipment will further drive the market trends. In addition to this, the development of new after-sales service models by the firms involved in the food manufacturing business will prompt market expansion over the next few years.
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China Edible Oil Industry 2013 Deep Research Report

Apr-2013 | Research | Pages : 213 | Code : MRS-432 | 2000

This is a professional and comprehensive depth research report in the field of edible oil. The report begins with an introduction of edible oil market situation, price analysis, then introduce different types of edible oil(s Read more

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