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Global Scientific and Technical Publication Market 2015-2019

Aug-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 77 | Code : MRS-28888 | 2500

About Scientific and Technical Publishing Scientific and technical publishing refers to the research and distribution of scientific and technical content in the form of books, journals, online services, and e-books for further research and academic use by students and professionals. The globa Read more

Global Retail Touch Screen Display Market 2015-2019

Aug-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 68 | Code : MRS-28887 | 2500

About Retail Touch Screen Display A touchscreen display includes a touch sensor, a protection layer, and other components used to detect the touch. A touchscreen is usually operated using fingers or using a stylus depending on the convenience and the type of the touchscreen. It has wide applic Read more

Analysis of Major Advertising Listed Company in the Globe

Aug-2015 | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Pages : 0 | Code : MRS-28796 | 3500

INTRODUCTION In this report, ASKCI will introduction to market situation of advertising industry in global, as well as analyzes the major advertising listed company in the globe, including business structure, operation situation, dynamic events, and so on. <stro Read more

Global Musical Instruments Market 2015-2019

Jul-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 72 | Code : MRS-25605 | 2500

About Musical Instruments Musical instruments are made of materials such as wood, metals, strings, and non-durable materials. Some of the common, yet most popular, musical instruments are the guitar, the piano, wind instruments, the keyboard, and percussion instruments. Technavio's analysts f Read more

Global Digital Media Adaptor Market 2015-2019

Jul-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 84 | Code : MRS-25604 | 2500

About Digital Media Adaptors Digital media adaptors are devices that stream digital multimedia content from the Internet to TVs and home theatres. These devices are also used to stream and share videos, music, and photos with playback systems or over the Internet. Many manufacturers of digital Read more

Global Conditional Access System Market 2015-2019

Jul-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 76 | Code : MRS-25603 | 2500

About CAS CAS refers to a technology that is used for controlling access to digital TVs, digital data broadcast, digital radio broadcast, and interactive services, by encoding the broadcast. CAS uses encryption and signal scrambling software to prevent unauthorized access to digital content. I Read more

Global Digital Cinema Screen Market 2015-2019

Jul-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 62 | Code : MRS-25299 | 2500

About Digital Cinema Digital cinema is the usage of digital technology to distribute or project motion pictures instead of using motion picture film. As a result of the existence of digital content in the form of bits, a movie can be distributed using hard drives, through dedicated satellite l Read more

Global Cognitive Assessment and Training Market 2015-2019

Jul-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 66 | Code : MRS-22692 | 2500

About Cognitive Assessment Tests and Training Programs Cognitive assessments constitute tests administered individually to determine a person's cognitive functioning. With rising competition, schools persistently seek to develop personalized ways for students to help them achieve their acade Read more

Global Business Intelligence Market 2015-2019

Jul-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 78 | Code : MRS-22691 | 2500

About Business Intelligence Business intelligence (BI) helps analyze data, receive information from various channels or business activities, and use them to identify opportunities and enhance efficiency. Social media and social CRM generate a huge volume of data. This data needs to be compil Read more

Casino Gaming Market in the UK 2015-2019

Jul-2015 | Technavio | Pages : 51 | Code : MRS-22687 | 2500

"About Casino Gaming A modern casino comprises hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and various other attractions. It is an indoor amusement zone. The majority of the revenue is generated from gambling. Gambling is illegal in many parts of the globe, thus casinos are limited to certain regions Read more

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