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2018 Kenya Automotive Industry- Emerging Dynamics and Future of Kenya Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles

Feb-2018 | OG Analysis | Pages : 70 | Code : MRS-238312 | 1650

Headline- Annual Demand for PCs, LCVs and HCVs to 2025 The automobile market in Kenya provides comprehensive analysis and forecasts of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles. Evolving market dynamics, customer preferences and business strategies of industry leaders are included. The research report provides in-depth SWOT analysis of different vehicle market subtypes including PCs, LCVs, heavy trucks, buses, vans and motor cycles. Historic data on the impor Read more

Soft Drinks in Kenya

May-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 52 | Code : MRS-146886 | 1350

The Kenyan economy continued to grow supported by increasing foreign investment, stable political leadership as well as a strengthening focus on youth entrepreneurship and infrastructure development. Supported by a strong GDP forecast of 6% for 2016, soft drinks recorded positive single-digit growth in 2016. Rising income levels, marketing and advertising campaigns by manufacturers of soft drinks raising awareness amongst Kenyan consumers, as well as modern and traditional retailers’ expans Read more

Consumer Lifestyles in Kenya

May-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 33 | Code : MRS-137050 | 1350

While many Kenyans live in poverty, in recent years many consumers have nevertheless enjoyed increasing levels of disposable income and, in turn, spending, driving the development of modern retail and the construction of numerous shopping centres throughout the country. However, many consumers are becoming more cautious due to high, stubborn inflation rates and rising food prices. Online shopping is in its infancy but observers are optimistic about continued growth in coming years. Euromon Read more

The Future of Kenya Automobile Markets to 2023- Trends, Drivers and Supply, Demand Outlook of Kenya Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles

May-2017 | OG Analysis | Pages : 60 | Code : MRS-130023 | 1249

Kenya Passenger cars and commercial vehicles outlook report provides detailed research and outlook of automobile sector in Kenya. Current market conditions, consumer preferences and key strategies of leading players in the Kenya automobile sector are analyzed in detail. The report analyzes SWOT analysis of Kenya automotive industry including passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, buses, vans and motor cycles. Further, value of imports and exports by sourcing and destinati Read more

Kenya Telecommunications Strategic Analysis and Outlook to 2025- Analysis of Kenya Mobile, Fixed Telephone and Broadband Markets

May-2017 | OG Analysis | Pages : 60 | Code : MRS-128800 | 1350

Kenya Telecom outlook report is a comprehensive analytical research on the Kenya’s cellular, fixed telephone and fixed broadband segments. Through detailed analysis of the current market conditions and industry trends, the report analyzes the Kenya telecommunications sector. In addition to emerging industry trends, consumption patterns, geographic coverage, demographic analysis and tariffs of key players are provided to understand the key strategies and analysis of revenues, investments Read more

Home Care in Kenya

Apr-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 58 | Code : MRS-128950 | 1725

Kenya has been one of the best-performing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa with real GDP expected to rise by 6.1% in 2017, after gains of 6.0% in 2016. Prices rose by 6.2% in 2016 and the same rate of inflation is expected in 2017. The government is focusing heavily on infrastructure development with US$2 billion allocated in Nairobi for ongoing and new road projects and energy-related initiatives. Planned investments in the majority-Chinese-funded Standard Gauge Railway, which will connect Read more

Hot Drinks in Kenya

Mar-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 32 | Code : MRS-120965 | 1350

Hot drinks recorded growth in Kenya in 2016. Rising disposable incomes, positive economic outlook, increased consumer access to affordable products as well as expansion of modern retail outlets helped promote value and volume growth. Furthermore, growing competition among manufacturers, heightened marketing activities leading to greater consumer awareness levels and innovative product packaging in smaller sizes to appeal to wider groups as well as the growing urban population helped maintai Read more

Kenya oil and gas Strategic Analysis and Outlook (2017- 2025) - Opportunities, Insights, Drivers, Investment and Outlook of Upstream, LNG, Pipeline, Storage and Refining

Mar-2017 | OG Analysis | Pages : 70 | Code : MRS-119495 | 6400

Kenya is redesigning its investment and growth strategies with signs of recovery in global markets in 2017. New trends continue to emerge across value chain affecting supply, demand and investment scenarios in the country. Both traditional players and new entrants are revaluating their planned projects with revised estimates. Critical Factors Affecting Strategies As Kenya and global markets move towards rebalancing, the report from OGANALYSIS provides detailed insights into critical shor Read more

Packaged Food in Kenya

Jan-2017 | Euromonitor International | Pages : 178 | Code : MRS-113545 | 4650

Kenya’s economy grew at a healthy pace in 2016, supported by increases in public spending, robust private consumption and a looser monetary policy. However, security issues and uncertainty surrounding elections in 2017 are continuing to be causes of concern, while an exceptionally high unemployment rate of around 34% is affecting disposable income and consumer confidence. However, as the negative impacts of the ethnic clashes after the 2007 presidential elections fade, coupled with the new. Read more

Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited - Power Plants and SWOT Analysis, 2016 Update

Dec-2016 | GlobalData | Pages : 41 | Code : MRS-101342 | 1000

Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited - Power Plants and SWOT Analysis, 2016 Update Summary The report contains a detailed description of the power generation company’s business operations, history, corporate strategy, and business structure. This report contains a detailed SWOT analysis, information on key employees (executives), and major products and services. Scope - Major Power Plants (assets) - summarized and detailed information about the power plants (assets). - Operation Read more