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Climate change has emerged as a serious issue, and it is impacting many regions across the world. Also, there is no other way to protect the environment without altering how we consume and produce electricity. India's electrical energy sector is transforming, and it is the best way to combat the local weather change.

India has made significant progress in the way to harness renewable vitality. Due to its advantageous geographic position, India has more than enough sources of non-conventional vitality. The Ministry of renewables has set targets to scale up the share of renewables. However, the federal government of India is likely to put 175 GW of renewable vitality operation in work by 2022 and 450 GW by 2030.

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However, to help achieve this target, many Indian leaders are stepping in pushing the country's unorganized sustainable vitality business inline. Here are a few of the top Indian companies that are betting big on renewables.

Tata energy

Tata Energy is contributing exponentially to the vitality sector. The company is a frontrunner in the renewable sector with many of its subsidiaries, including Walwhan Renewable Power (WREL), Tata Energy Photo voltaic Techniques (TPSSL), and Tata Energy Renewable Power. Tata energy likely to scale up its renewal enterprise that aligns with its 2030 goal.

JSW power

JSW is another leading business looking forward to scaling its renewables enterprise. The corporation holds about 2458 MW renewable tasks under its construction with two wind and solar projects. The company is further striving to improve 7 GW with a significant upscale in the share of renewable vitality from 30 to 55%.

Sterling and Wilson

Sterling and Wilson is one of the major end-to-end solar EPC suppliers globally. They hold a strong EPC portfolio with around 252 tasks with an accumulated capability of 10.6 GW together. Also, Reliance New Energy Solar, a wholly-owned Reliance Industry subsidiary, acquired a 40% stake in the Sterling and Wilson Solar (SWSL) with a total payout of rupees 28.5 billion.


INOX Wind is another company betting big on renewables, and the company is also very much talked about in recent times because of its upcoming IPO. However, INOX Wind became a fully integrated player in wind energy with three manufacturing plants in Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Gujarat. Only last month, the company created a 150 MW wind power project order from NTPC renewable energy. However, the company is already outperforming its shares with a 161 percent spike in one year.

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Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries has a slew of partnerships for its green energy plants. However, such a plan includes hydrogen, battery, and solar investments. These investments are likely to generate 10% of the company's pre-tax earnings in five years, as per the study. Reliance also acquired a technology and expertise portfolio to develop a fully integrated renewable energy ecosystem with the help of hydrogen, batteries, and solar. The firm is dedicated to becoming a zero-carbon emission company by 2035.

Borosil renewables

For many years, the company has been the country's only solar glass manufacturer. However, the company is significantly expanding its export and domestic footprints. In addition, in order to boost its presence in the clean energy sector, the company sealed the largest deal in India's renewable energy space with the acquisition of SB energy for US dollar 3.5 billion.