A New Blood Test Helps Discover COVID-19 Antibodies Within 20 Minutes

A New Blood Test Helps Discover COVID-19 Antibodies Within 20 Minutes

Published: 08-Aug-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

A team of researchers from Monash University has shown the use of blood samples to test the manifestation of SARS-CoV-2 in people in about 20 Minutes. This new, rapid test can help identify the people who have contracted the virus at a faster rate. Advancements like this can help perform robust contact tracing and also help avoid the spread of COVID-19 cases across the world. The research led by BioPRIA and Monash University developed an easy agglutination assay to help determine the presence of the virus or a substance in blood. This test will also help identify the presence of antibodies formed against the SARS-CoV-2 infection in certain individuals.

In case of positive COVID-19 cases agglutination or a clustering of red blood cell can be observed even to the naked eye. The retrieving of positive and negative cases within 20 Minutes can help tackle the pandemic. The agglutination test can also help determine if the individual had been infected and collect the produced antibodies to lend a helping hand in the vaccination research. This lab test is anticipated to reach the medical practitioners across the world in the next few months. The agglutination assay can help test 200 blood samples in an hour just like the high-grade diagnostic machines present in the hospitals that can test around 700 samples in an hour.

These findings can help high-risk countries by performing population screening, contact tracing, vaccine efficacy testing, and distribution of vaccine. Researchers are waiting for government approval to upscale their production. However, the study has been published in the journal ACS Sensors. There are possibilities that this practice has the potential to upmarket for serological testing. This new technique is so quick that plasma/serum containing red blood cells and antibody-containing serum/plasma when put on a gel card encompassing separation media shows the existence of antibodies within 5–15 Minutes. Furthermore, the separation of agglutinated cells from free ones through centrifugation helps complete the entire process within an hour. The new simple assay can help upscale vaccine production and thereby, combat this viral pandemic.

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