Advanced Wound Care Industry Expanding With Introduction Of Newer Pioneering Products And Services

Advanced Wound Care Industry Expanding With Introduction Of Newer Pioneering Products And Services

Published: 20-Feb-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Healogics ® Inc., one of the leading providers of specialized wound care services in the United States, proudly announced the latest release of WoundSuite ® Navigator, the mobile app for physician relationship management. WoundSuite Navigator is a proprietary application of Healogics available on the WoundSuite Center Management platform. This update includes data entry enhancements, new digital collateral, and enables sharing of information.

Their platform leverages best practices, clinical expertise and evidence collected over twenty years of delivering specialized wound care across the country through Healogics Community Education. The Healogics team has intended to combine the impact of their CRM and real-time data into a convenient-to-use mobile application, allowing system managers to have constructive conversations with the medical community, along with associated collateral.

Healogics invests in the services as a wound care-focused service company to educate and advise clinics, doctors and other healthcare professionals about the therapeutic value of managing chronic wounds.

Throughout the nation doctors refer their patients to a Healogics Wound Care Center ® for specialized wound care services. The stated mission is to improve patient access and treatment. WoundSuite Navigator increases these efficiencies while at the same time raising consciousness about the value of chronic wound remedy.

A recently published report on Advanced Wound Care industry stated that the global advanced wound care market is expected to reach a valuation of more than USD 15 billion by 2026 at around 5% growth rate.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Healogics is a specialist in wound healing in the U.S. About 350,000 patients provided specialized wound care last year through a nationwide network of more than 600 Wound Care Centres.