Age-Related Hearing Loss Sufferers Have A Cost-Effective Hearing Aid Developed

Age-Related Hearing Loss Sufferers Have A Cost-Effective Hearing Aid Developed

Published: 29-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Latest hearing aid is not only ultra-affordable and accessible but also made from open-source electronics. The researchers are striving toward making this new device on the global platform. The team from the Georgia Institute of Technology has already published their study in the journal PLOS ONE. The new finding basically focuses on helping people with hearing loss, especially the age-related hearing loss. The older generation living in the underdeveloped or developing countries generally do not prefer hearing aid. The major reason behind the hesitation in using hearing aid is the high cost. However, the manufactures have lowered the prices to a great extent over the years.

The researchers have created a durable, cost-effective, and autonomous hearing aid that is in compliance with WHO set targets for mild-to-moderate age-related hearing loss. The hearing aid has been dubbed LoCHAid and it comprises of a coin-cell battery, earphones, and holder. It has been designed with the goal of being sold as an over-the-counter product or even as a DIY project. LoCHAid is made using no complex parts and thus does not require highly skilled users for repairing it. This new hearing aid is a perfect match for the age-related hearing loss sufferers. However, the researchers have confirmed a few major drawbacks of the device to be its 1.5 Years of life expectancy and relatively large size. Thus, they have already started working on building a smaller prototype version to appeal to all consumers. But, then the costing and the assembling of the hearing aid becomes the new challenge.

The hopes that LoCHAid will be potentially beneficial for the age-related hearing loss are anticipated to be proved right with time. The accessibility and affordability of the current hearing aid is likely to appeal the consumers. The use of 3D printers for a scalable development of the latest hearing aid is also being worked on.

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