AMPAK Releases Encapsulated Ingredients Line Including Malic Acid

AMPAK Releases Encapsulated Ingredients Line Including Malic Acid

Published: 19-Feb-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

AMPAK Company, Inc., a full-line importer and retailer of specialized materials, supplying customers around the world, has stated that through a collaboration with Sudeep, one of its largest suppliers, they would launch a selection of encapsulated items for the baking industry.

The new line of encapsulated ingredients builds on AMPAK's already available broad range of high-quality baking items, including emulsifiers, specialized sugars, hydrocolloids, and powdered fats, which provide multiple solutions for baked goods manufacturers.

Encapsulated products such as malic acid, ammonium bicarbonate, calcium propionate, sodium bicarbonate, sorbic acid, fumaric acid, and citric acid are included in the section. The manufacturing process materials used are specifically non-GMO. Such materials are highly versatile for various baking uses as leavening agents, flavor enhancers, preservatives, and acidulant.

It was reported by Market Research Store that worldwide malic acid consumption would stand at around USD 300 million by year 2026 owing to increasing demand from various sectors.

It was further stated owing to numerous indirect and indirect rationales, the global malic acid market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of more than 5% in the coming years. However, the report outlines some of the hindrances which may arrest the strong growth of the market which suppliers need to be wary about.