Amyris Introduces Sustainable Silica Prepared From Sugarcane Ashes

Amyris Introduces Sustainable Silica Prepared From Sugarcane Ashes

Published: 25-Jul-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Aprinnova, Inc. is a business enterprise of Amyris Inc. that has been topping the charts in the clean beauty ingredients market in the past few years. This California-based company is adamant to start commercializing the newly produced silica that is manufactured from sugarcane ashes. Sodium Dioxide (Silica) is generally cast into personal care & cosmetics products. The novel plant-derived silica could help substitute the usual silica that is used in personal care & cosmetics industries. The traditional method of silica production uses non-renewable sand dredging technique coupled with high amount of energy. However, the major issue is the emission of huge amounts of CO2. Thus, the new technique of using sugarcane ashes to produce silica is not only eco-friendly but also feasible in terms of capital and production.

This new ingredient has been branded as “Biosilica™” by the synthetic biotechnology organization. It has been confirmed that Biosilica can be safely added in the creams, foundations, lotions, and other items. The latest version of silica can also be used as a sustainable and highly performing substitute to conventional silica. Furthermore, this new ingredient is used as an alternative to microplastics, which is being used in most of the cosmetic products.

Amyris’ innovative ingredient is likely to commercialize with the help of the partnership developed with the Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Escola Superior de Biotecnologia in Porto/AICEP Consortium Project. Many cosmetic brands and silica using companies have an option to become eco-friendly and energy sufficient using this novel silica that is sourced from sugarcane ashes. The idea of never wasting products and always reusing or recycling is going to profit most of the silica using industries in the coming years.

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