14-May-2021 | Market Research Store

Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) scientists has designed a new system to offer a fast and non-invasive means to heal the holes or tears in the blood vessels with the help of an electrically-activated glue patch coated using a less invasive balloon catheter. The new device is likely to substitute the keyhole or open surgeries to help stitch or patch up the internal blood vessel defects. The catheter is inserted into the concerned blood vessel and then the glue patch named Voltaglue is guided through the body to the torn site and then stimulated to use flexible electrodes to attach and shut it within few seconds without any need of surgical cut.

The Voltaglue technology has been patented by NTU and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) team with the hope that this adhesive will function even in the wet conditions and harden when electrical supply is low. The catheter device provides the necessary evidence related to the functionality of Voltaglue in the medical field. The latest minimally-invasive technique can help heal arteriovenous fistulas or vascular leaks with the need for surgical incisions.

The catheter system consists of ePATCH and CATRE which help attach and carry electrical current for effective and safe administration during heart dysfunctions. The catheter when inserted is transported through the blood vessel to the injured site where the balloon expands and covers it with the Voltaglue patch. The voltage can be used to harden the glue so as to help the patch adjust to the tissue surfaces. The glue helps effectively seal and heals the broken ends of the vessel. The experimental studies showed the patch to successfully seal the gap. The researchers plan to combine this device with the available catheters to create a new delivery mechanism which will be non-invasive, flexible, and adaptable. This customized patch proves to be the best option for sealing organ and vessel defects. The most interesting is that the technology is made using bioresorbable material that is degradable. The catheter could also be used kill tumors by sealing off blood flow to them.