23-Mar-2021 | Market Research Store

Researchers from South Ural State University and their Egyptian teammateshave made healthy functional food items. They found the iron and protein enriched bread and drinks to prove helpful in treating anemia. Further, the other minerals in the bread and drinksboosted the immune system. The team has published the benefits of functional foods in the Journal of Food Processing and Preservation and Plants.The researchers are trying to make food and drinks that are good for health and saturation.In Russia, the concept of functional food is common, but this field of biotechnology yet to be developed. The Department of Technology and Catering Organizationbasically wants to encourage consumers to change their food behavior from fast food and unhealthy foodto healthy food.

Recently, scientists have shifted their focus on treating malnutritionand anemia, which are common in the modern world. The functional drinks have been found to help lower the pain caused during these conditions. The researchers made and tested fermented beetroot juiceto treat and avoid anemia. This juice contains probiotics, milk, and beet extract, which are all fermented to generate a sour taste, like kefir. The University of Alexandria (Egypt)and the SUSU researchersstated that this functional drink is not a medicine but could provide necessaryiron, zinc, manganese, and calcium. There is minimal carbohydrate content and whole rate of minerals.

The fermented juice will not only combat anemia but also improve digestion. The researchers lately developed quinoa bread as well. The recently developed bread contains more vitamins and minerals, fourfold iron, and threefoldamino acid. This bread is similar to consuming meat or eggs. The functional food and drinks are a boon for pregnant women and children who usually suffer from malnutritionand anemia.Such innovative food products are being reasonable such that even low income people will be able to purchase it.