Anti-Cancer Treatments Might Cause Death In Cancer & COVID-19 Patients

Anti-Cancer Treatments Might Cause Death In Cancer & COVID-19 Patients

Published: 28-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

A research team from University of Cincinnati has found that specific treatments for cancer are likely to increase the mortality rate if they contract COVID-19. Certain traditional anti-cancer treatments are found to have a negative impact on the patients with both cancer and the coronavirus. The major reason behind it is the high chances of cancer patients being susceptible to COVID-19 infection and its associated complication. The cancer patients are more prone to severe respiratory illness and death just within weeks of contracting COVID-19. The other factors increasing the chances of death are age, sex, history of smoking and other health conditions. However, the team is now investigating the correlation between anti-cancer treatment and COVID-19 complications as well as death within 30 Days.

It was well examined that the cancer patients contracting COVID-19 died with 30 Days and it was higher in patients undergoing chemotherapy/immunotherapy combination. The people receiving anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodies that are used to decline the abnormal B cells count found in lymphomas. The patients undergoing active cancer treatment showed higher mortality rates compared to those undergoing endocrine therapy.

It is thus clear that this is not good news for the people undergoing cancer treatments. The targeted therapies, especially immune cell depleting treatments, taken before contracting COVID-19, are associated with very high mortality, almost above 50%. The detailed investigations have shown cancer patients death due to COVID-19 to be higher than the general population. Even though only immunotherapy proved efficient for patients with COVID-19 and cancer but the immunotherapy combinations and other immune-depleting therapies proved fatal. The researchers are still investigating the effect of the pandemic and the cancer therapies on the cancer patients.

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