Apple Awarded Integrated Passive Device (IPD) Patent

Apple Awarded Integrated Passive Device (IPD) Patent

Published: 25-Feb-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Apple's recently issued patent includes the innovation related to an embedded microchip, a microchip integration process and an interface device for microchips. A microchip such as a micro RFID controller or Integrated Passive Device (IPD) is moved electrostatically in an embodiment and bound to a conductive template including a line break.

In an example the line split is created to match the microchip by an effective cutting technique such as laser ablation, ion beam etching, or photolithography with chemical etching.

Passive Integrated Devices (IPDs) are used in cellular and RF applications. In the specific examples outlined, one or more electrode trace lines # 152 on substratum # 102 can be shaped similarly to the antenna pattern # 120.

Using one or more electrostatic switch head adapters, each or more micro LED # 150 sensors are coupled and positioned onto the electrode trace sheet interface regions. This ensures the one or more micro LED devices attached to the micro RFID chip should light up when a reader interrogates the RFID tag.

Felica is that technology NFC-F which is a faster type of Type B RFID communication. Today's patent indicates that the U.S. RFID frequency is 915 MHz, and that the Japanese equivalent is 950 MHz.

This news from one of the leading players reflects the rising promise of integrated passive devices (IPD). As stated in Market Research Store's new market research forecast, global demand for an Integrated Passive Device (IPD) will reach valuation of about USD 2 billion by 2026.

In addition, the global integrated passive device (IPD) market is expected to rise by about 9 per cent CAGR in the coming years, as per the study.