Aircraft Seat Designer Firm Planned To Be Bought By Aurelius Group

Aircraft Seat Designer Firm Planned To Be Bought By Aurelius Group

Published: 06-Mar-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Seabury Capital disclosed that its England-based branch of Aerospace and Defense Investment Banking has helped European resource supervisor Aurelius Group purchase German Zim Flugsitz, a producer and supplier of airplane seats. The buy denotes the passage of Aurelius into the worthwhile airplane insides advertise, adding to its wide scope of assembling organizations all through Europe, including VAG valve creator and Calumet WEX dealer of photography gear.

As a result of their provincial workplaces in Munich, Aurelius are skillet European merger specialists with a lot of involvement in Mittelstand. All things considered, they had the option to give our A&D experience and associations, giving the essential trust to their venture group to step into a promising however in any case obscure field in airplane insides.

The global aircraft seat market is expected to be estimated at about USD 18 billion by 2026 according to Market Research Store's recently published study. The global market for aircraft seat is likely to grow by around 7 percent CAGR during the forecast years.

Seabury Capital and its specialists have helped them comprehend the complexities of the airplane insides showcase and the significant job ZIM plays in it, just as making huge commitments to their triumphant offer valuation and different angles.

In 2007 Zim Flugsitz was made. The fashioner and maker is knowledgeable about the economy and premium economy classifications of ultra-lightweight, minimal effort, adaptable business airplane seating.