Authorities Are Working On Legalizing Medicinal Cannabis Use

Authorities Are Working On Legalizing Medicinal Cannabis Use

Published: 29-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Now is the time that people change their attitude toward the use of cannabis products as medicinal commodity with wider applications such as in helping alleviate patients' pain. Many people across the globe are turning self-caring with illegal cannabis-based products for various medicinal applications. It is the primary reason that many of the pharmacies have not legalized or embraced the use of cannabis-based products yet. Looking at the surging need for pain relievers, the UK government legalized the use of cannabis-based products in 2018 for medicinal use but it has not yet become effective and the patients are still waiting for it to be made available.

Till date no NHS prescriptions have been issued even though there are almost hundreds of them being made available by private providers at a price of around £1,000 a month. There are many parents who are trying to get their children with severe epilepsy to go abroad to gain access to the cannabinoid treatment that has proven effective over time. It has been stated that around 1.4 Million medical cannabis users home from the black market basically due to the lack of information supporting the provenance, content, quality, and legality. However, there are many studies supporting the effectiveness of cannabis product for medicinal use to treat many disorders.

It is the team from Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Drug Science that has set out to understand the reason behind lack of legalization of medicinal cannabis in the UK and so many other countries. As per the medical professionals, pharmacies, and other decision-makers, there needs to be an improvement in accessibility laws to medical cannabis before being made legal. Despite the international database providing evidence supporting this new class of drug for treating diseases like epilepsy, the cannabis products use are resisted due to its patient driven statistic and risks such as lung cancer, male sterility, and schizophrenia. But, the recreational users are found to fall prey to all of it rather than the prescribed medical users. There is hope that the challenges of prescribing these will be well understood so as to develop new approaches to meet the unsatisfactory situation.

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