Brown Fat Cell Transplantation Give New Hope To Obese Folks

Brown Fat Cell Transplantation Give New Hope To Obese Folks

Published: 18-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Type 2 diabetes is found to accompany obesity, which is currently found to affect millions across the globe. There are many other chronic illnesses that follow people who are struggling to maintain their weight. Obese people are finding it difficult to even survive the current COVID-19 pandemic. A team from Joslin Diabetes Center has recently developed a new cell-based therapy to fight this dangerous condition. The researchers have found transplanting human brown-like (HUMBLE) fat cells with genetically modified human white fat cells to be the promising therapy to treat obesity. The modified human white fat cells exactly resemble heat-generating brown fat cells.

The brown fat cells are being focused basically due to its fat burning ability rather than storing energy. Additionally, the brown fat cells have shown to help lower the high levels of glucose and lipids in the blood that are associated with metabolic disorders such as diabetes. It has been found that the obese people tend to lack the brown fat cells and thus, need the designed HUMBLE cells. For best results, the progenitor stage is the suitable time for modifying the human white fat cells using a variant of the CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing system to enhance the expression of UCP1 gene for easier transformation into brown fat-like cells.

The HUMBLE progenitor cell transplantation has been found to be helpful in lowering weight and also controlling glucose production in the blood. The transplant is found to be highly sensitive to insulin which is a major impairment in type 2 diabetes. Interestingly, the researchers have been able to back their findings that the transplanted cells and the existing brown fat cells help enhance the communication between different tissues. Moreover, the transplanted HUMBLE cells secrete nitric oxide that is carried by the red blood cells to the endogenous brown cells for further activation of those cells. However, this individualized approach is probably costly and intricate and thus, the researchers are planning for alternative where the cells are encapsulated using biomaterials or gene therapies.

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