Cancer Diagnoses Has Declined Considerably Amidst Coronavirus

Cancer Diagnoses Has Declined Considerably Amidst Coronavirus

Published: 02-Jun-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Health experts have started to raise concerns about the decline in people undergoing cancer screenings owing to the outbreak of the pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had claimed that earlier their only aim was to minimize the spread of the virus infection and thus they had urged the health experts in delaying in-person visits.

Komodo Health, had database of numerous medical claims, commented that millions of Americans postponed their healthcare tests, cancer screenings, and routine check-ups owing to COVID-19.

This has increased the worries of the doctors because as the people are under fear that they may get into contact of COVID-19 but this has increased their chances of overcoming of undiagnosed cancers.

According to a report, the number of new skin cancer cases being recorded had been reduced by 80% from February to March. The American Cancer Society had previously suggested that people should postpone their non-essential screening at this time when the pandemic has hit so harshly. But now, they are encouraging the patients to seek for cancer screenings if they are comfortable to visit their healthcare providers.

There were reports that the American Cancer Society’s more than half of grant recipients had paused their cancer research owing to COVID-19.

Dr. William C. Phelps, the society’s senior vice president of extramural research, had commented that COVID-19 pandemic had greatly impacted the cancer researches.

The ABC report stated that hardly any new cases of cancer are being recorded in the hospitals around the country.  

 CDC made claims that as a consequence of the pandemic other important medical services for the patients are being neglected thus creating health problems.  

Market Research Store published a report on the cancer drugs and treatments market which states that there will be a huge demand for the market in the coming years owing to increase in the number of cancer cases being detected.