14-Apr-2021 | Market Research Store

Scientists have recently found the chaos in helping make digital fingerprints for the electronic devices to avoid even the advanced hackers from hacking the devices. The fingerprints are considered to be very unique as it would take a lifetime for the hackers to look for the right combination. The idea of using chaos in the system is thus a rare and interesting idea. According to lead researcher Daniel Gauthier from The Ohio State University, the study published in the journal IEEE Access shows how the researchers created an advanced, emerging technology named physically unclonable functions (PUFs) that made as computer chips. The researchers believe this new technology could be used to develop safe ID cards with the goal of identifying goods in the distribution chain and also in the authentication tools to help keep online theft away.

In the US, the SolarWinds hack that targeted the government had forced the officials to advance authentication and cryptography. The researchers hope that latest study confirms the use of PUFs to help improve the variations being made in the computer chip manufacturing technology. There is vast information in the smallest of the computer chips and it can thus be used to exploit PUFs. The presence of variations in the chips could be analyzed at the atomic level to help develop unique sequences comprising of 0s and 1s. The researchers found the hackers to easily hack the earlier variations as they were not as strong as the PUFs. The basic issue is that the existing PUFs contain only few sequences.

The researchers thus concluded that the secrets 1000 to millions will make it difficult for the hackers even with the advanced technologies to take a lifetime to crack the secrets on the chip. It is clear that the team has been able to create countless number of secrets to make hacking difficult despite them gaining access to the computer chip. Thus, creating chaos in the PUF helps create a complex network through unsystematically connected logic gates. The logic gates basically help use two electric signals to create a novel signal. The non-standardized ways of using the gates help create unreliable and confusing behavior to form a rare type of deterministic chaos. The chaos will create more confusion and more attempts at predicting the secrets and thereby, increase the security of the devices.