Children’s Lives are at Risk by Stalled Vaccine Programmes

Children’s Lives are at Risk by Stalled Vaccine Programmes

Published: 05-Jun-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Experts are warning that millions of children have the probability of dying from preventable disease as there has been severe disruption in the vaccination programs owing to the pandemic.

Almost 68 different countries were compelled to stop their vaccination campaigns owing to the lockdowns during the pandemic.

The WHO had suggested many of the countries to suspend their vaccinations for time being in order to slow down the spread of the infection. But now, the groups are concerned about its long-term impact.

Organizations such as the Sabin Vaccine Institute and Gavi, United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), the Vaccine Alliance have expressed their worries about several children’s dying needlessly owing to this step.

Other factors that have hampered the vaccination services are the parents’ fearing about getting infected with COVID-19 if they leave the house, the healthcare workers concentrating on dealing with the pandemic, and issues in getting the  vaccine supplies to the clinics. 

Executive director Henrietta Fore of the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) has made the statement, “Measles is on the rise, diphtheria, cholera, so this is going to be a real problem.”

Polio, which can lead to paralysis or death has made comeback as there were four new cases reported since February.

The healthcare workers are making efforts in initiating awareness among the parents about the importance of the immunizations and are also giving advices that by maintaining hygiene and social distancing there are less chances of getting infected. 

There are approximately 80 million under the age of one children who are at high risk.

Vaccines department head, Kate O'Brien, showed up her fear that it is expected that dangerous diseases can come back roaring, which eventually could lead to increase in the number of children deaths in the coming time period. 

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