Claims from the British American Tobacco that Coronavirus Vaccine Prepared by them is Ready for Human Trials

Claims from the British American Tobacco that Coronavirus Vaccine Prepared by them is Ready for Human Trials

Published: 21-May-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Every other region and institutions are trying out their level hard to find vaccination for COVID-19. Efforts by some of them have turned out to be fruitful but there are several stages that have to be passed in order to be tested on the human beings.

British American Tobacco, world’s second leading cigarette company, claimed on Friday that they are in process to test their vaccine on humans. This COVID-19 vaccine is made from the tobacco leaves proteins and it generated positive immune response in the pre-clinical trials. Thus, in the next stage they are going to test it on human bodies.
The manufacturer of the Lucky Strike cigarette has commented that after the vaccine gets approval from the US Food and Administration, it will be further taken to Phase 1 trials (testing on the human beings).

The company had raised eyebrows of many competitors when in April it had commented that it was in the process of developing a COVID-19 vaccine by using the tobacco leaves. It also stated that it can generate 1-3million doses/week only if it could get support from the right manufacturers and government agencies. 

Although, several drugmakers around the world are in the competition to develop COVID-19 vaccine and some have also found success in it. These vaccines are already in the stage of human trials. The market experts have told that it would at least take 12 to 18 months for the COVID-19 vaccines to be available in the global platform. 

The London-based British American Tobacco had said that they had proposed a pre-investigative new drug application to the FDA and it had accepted the submission. They are also further in talks with the other global government organizations about the vaccine. The company has already organized the funds to perform the clinical trials that are expected to start by late June.
The Market Research Store has published a report on the global tobacco market. The research analysts have conclude that the product demand will increase in the coming years if there are possibilities of vaccines being generated from the tobacco leaves.