Clarigent’s New Listening App Can Assist In Early Mental Health Diagnosis

Clarigent’s New Listening App Can Assist In Early Mental Health Diagnosis

Published: 13-Oct-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Recently, a mental health technology company named Clarigent Health has developed Clairity, which is an app-based listening tool created to help mental health professionals take clinical decisions. This new app basically scrutinizes speech using artificial intelligence (AI) that is programmed to identify patients with suicidal tendencies. In addition to the mental health professionals’ education, practice, and years of experience, this tool provides an extra objective metric that will assist in identifying potential risks. Clairity AI also spots vocal biomarkers of mental health issues. Furthermore, the reported symptoms and clinical investigation also help identify these biomarkers. The app also aids in capturing voice data and clinical impressions.

The patient assessments can be captured or imported safely using the Clairity app. This tool provides the necessary personalized sitting summaries, patient-definite treatment progress, and aggregated data to help assess risk across a patient group. As the mental crisis is increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the launch of this new app is relief for people dealing with stress, loneliness, and anxiety. Likewise, the social distancing trend has escalated the use of telehealth appointments and this is a huge challenge for the mental health professionals who are trained to face read. Thus, the telehealth platform and Clairity app are compatible products that will provide exemplary support to identify mental health risk and provide the much needed care.

During this time, the need for a mental health service is expected to be very well solved by the Clairity app. There are chances of saving a lot of lives who are dealing with mental distress and self-harm risks. Clarigent Health develops HIPAA-compliant solutions using AI algorithms to provide the best of treatment to mentally ill patients. Clairity helps identify the holy grail of mental health, which is nothing but the early diagnosis. Furthermore, this technology provides a helping hand to the professionals to identify the patients in need.

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