Classic Zeolites Might Aid In Developing Sustainable Bioeconomy

Classic Zeolites Might Aid In Developing Sustainable Bioeconomy

Published: 28-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

A team from the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI and ETH Zurich are working toward making zeolites which will be highly efficient. Zeolites are currently crucial additives that have wide-range applications in the chemical industry. Additionally, they are also being used in the form of catalysts in the oil processing plant from the past few years. However, the major focus is on the natural zeolites as they are found to have the ability to form bioeconomy using renewable materials. The basic aim change the fossil fuel-inclined economy into a sustainable bioeconomy and this can be only done by substituting fossil resources with renewable raw materials. However, petroleum that is a base compound for majority of the products in the chemical industry cannot be substituted with wood, maize, and straw as their molecules are different from that of coal.

Generally, to power automobiles and produce plastics or drugs the renewable raw materials have to be chemically converted. This is where catalysts help drive chemical reactions. These catalysts are none other than zeolites that are made up of aluminum, oxygen, and silicon. They occur naturally as minerals in the rock or need to be synthetically produced. The zeolites other than their use in oil refineries are also used in water softening processing and heat reservoir systems.

Zeolites have the ability to transform into a bioeconomy by converting biomass into molecules that is desperately wanted by industries. For increasing the performance of zeolites containing tin, titanium, or zirconium atoms is next to impossible and thus, the researchers have reverted back to classic zeolites composed of silicon, aluminum, and oxygen. The classic versions can be easily modified and adapted as per the need. The aluminum in the zeolite structure is found to cause more complications and hence, using the Swiss Light Source (SLS) to study will help better understand the structure. This approach will help transition into bioeconomy.

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