Clay-Based Membrane System Helps Remove CO2From Air

Clay-Based Membrane System Helps Remove CO2From Air

Published: 28-Oct-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Recently, a team of chemists from the University of Bayreuth has developed a material that could help make an important contribution to climate protection and sustainable industrial manufacture. The new material is expected to help separate the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial waste gases,biogas, or natural gas and further be recycled. The separation process is energy efficient as well as cost-effective. In the journal Cell Reports Physical Sciencethe researchers have provided details regarding the structure and function of the material. The basic goal of the sustainable methods is to help lower greenhouse gas emissions. By removingCO2from the waste gases or other gas mixtures will help lower its release into the atmosphere.

The material has advantages such as separation of CO2 from gas mixtures without any chemical binding with CO2. The industrial plants, natural gas, or biogas production releases waste gases which form the gas mixtures. Moreover, the physical interaction causes the CO2 to accumulate in the cavities of the material. The new material without any great expenditure of energy helps remove carbon dioxide without separating any other forms of gas. The current research team has developed a material that can physically interact with CO2 to remove it and also requires a small amount of energy as the bonds are weak.

The latest discovery isan inorganic-organic hybrid that has its chemical basis made of clay minerals that comprises of hundreds of individual glass platelets. The material is 1nm thick and arranged precisely such that the individual glass plates have organic molecules act as spacers between them. The chemical properties and shape of the material helps create pores that can only accumulate CO2and no other gases. This new membrane system based on clay minerals, permits continuous, selective, and energy-efficient separation of CO2from gas mixtures.

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