19-Jan-2021 | Market Research Store

Recently, a team from the University of Cambridge has created a hi-end computing technique to help routinely carry out medical scans with the goal of helping doctors take few but accurate tumor biopsies. It is a step forward in precision tissue sampling so as to help the cancer patients opt for the best of treatment. It is believed that in the future the chances of clinical biopsies being replaced with virtual biopsies are higher. The foremost relief for the patients is to let go of invasive procedures. The combination of computed tomography (CT) scans and ultrasound images helped create a complete visual guide for the medical professionals to help understand the complexity of the tumor using few targeted biopsies.

The researchers are working on seizing the patchwork of diverse types of cancer cell within a tumor, which is termed as tumor heterogeneity. This step is important in order to select the suitable treatment as the genetically different cells react differently to treatments. Majority of the cancer patients have to undergo several biopsies before confirming their diagnosis and also to decide on the necessary treatment. As the procedures were invasive, there was an urgent need for getting accurate results with less of biopsies.

The high grade serous ovarian cancer is an ovarian cancer referred to as a silent killer owing to the difficulty in its diagnosis in the early stage which results in lowering the survival rates. However, the late diagnosis is not the only issue as these tumors are known to possess heterogeneity which lowers the response of treatment. The latest innovative computing techniques such as radiomics helps identify tumor heterogeneity with the help of images created by CT scanner. The ultrasound and computer-generated images helps successfully study and map the cancer cells in the tumor.

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