Controlling Cell Behavior Is Now Possible Through Bioactive Nanocapsules

Controlling Cell Behavior Is Now Possible Through Bioactive Nanocapsules

Published: 28-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

There are many diseases that are caused by the defect in the signaling pathways of the cells present in the body. Thus, the researchers have decided to work on bioactive nanocapsules that could turn into a valued tool for medicine to gain better control over these pathways. The University of Basel researchers have already started working on this and have been able to successfully develop several different nanocapsules that work consecutively to intensify a natural signaling cascade and effect cell behavior. The cells generally communicate with each other by picking up signals and processing them. Hence, in the medical field the idea of gaining control over cell’s signaling pathways will help treat a number of diseases.

The research team developed bioactive materials by combining nanomaterials with natural molecules and cells that could be of widely used in the medical field. These enzyme-loaded nanocapsules can easily enter cells and be incorporated into their native signaling processes. Using several functionally-coupled nanocapsules, the natural signaling pathway in the cells could be amplified. Moreover, the team put bioactive materials into polymeric small capsules to avoid being degraded in the cellular environment. The molecules can enter through biological pores present in the synthetic wall and carry out enzymatic reactions inside.

Additionally, different enzymes were used in the nanocapsules and these nanocapsules were found to stay active for days performing natural reactions in the mammalian cells. Studies have shown nitric oxide (NO) to be one of the many signals that are received and processed in the body and the defects in the NO signaling pathway are responsible for causing cardiovascular diseases as well as muscular and retinal dystrophies. The researchers thus produced capsules using NOS and sGC which act as loudspeaker and ears. The presence of both makes cells reactive with an eightfold increase in the intracellular calcium level. It is an important approach in the field of enzyme replacement therapy for biochemical pathways malfunctioning diseases, like cardiovascular diseases or numerous dystrophies.

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