Coronavirus has a Mysterious Connection with the Heart

Coronavirus has a Mysterious Connection with the Heart

Published: 05-Jun-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

In COVID-19 disease, the virus mainly attacks the lungs. But, the doctors have found cases where the heart is being the target.

JAMA Cardiology study claims that more than 1 in 5 patients of COVID-19 have developed heart damage. The cardiologists have suggested that due to absence of adequate oxygen the heart struggles to pump the blood, or there may be chances that virus directly the heart cells.

The journal had also published a review that at times of influenza epidemics there are increased cases of patients dying from the heart complications rather than from pneumonia. Based on the review published, there are increased chances that viral infections can lead to disruptions in the blood flow to the heart or can lead to irregular heartbeats and heart failure.

Coronavirus is a double-edged sword that attacks lungs or the heart directly. There are cases recorded where the people having no heart problems are getting heart damage. In cases of mild cases of COVID-19, heart damage might not occur but patient who are severely affected with the virus might face this problem.

According to the research, predominantly the virus attacks the lungs; the virus circulates in the bloodstream and hence there are chances that the virus may infect other organs including the heart.

The cardiologists mainly determine the heart damage with the help of the blood test to check for the existence of a protein troponin. The injured heart cells leak this protein into the bloodstream.  It is not that easy to test the results.

Researchers and cardiologists are struggling and are taking efforts to find solution for the problems by studying on it. 

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