Cravings for Sugar can be Beat by Plant Compound

Cravings for Sugar can be Beat by Plant Compound

Published: 29-Jun-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Millions of people are stuck at their houses owing to the outbreak of COVID-19, thus many of them have reported about over-indulging on sugary treats leading to side-effects such as increase in body weight.

Researchers at the Massey University claim that they have started studying about a plant compound, which may minimize the sugar cravings.
Harley Pasternak, co-founder of the company Sweet Kick, approached the Ajmol Ali, associate professor from the School of Sport, Exercise and Nutrition, to lead a study in order to check the efficacy of the product manufactured by Sweet Kick.

Sweet Kick is introducing a new mint product that contains gymnemic acids (found in plant gymnema sylvestre).  Traditionally, it is used in the Ayurvedic medicine and its name in Hindi means “sugar destroyer” owing to its capability to repress the taste responses to the sugar compounds.

This study will aim to detect about the impact of taking the mint product on personal interests, see the rate of consumption of increased sugar foods, and the hunger ratings along with the desire of eating sweet food products. 

Prof. Ali commented that sweet foods are hard to resist once you get its taste but they are high on calories. The result of having the high-sugar food products is high chances of obesity and type-2 diabetes.

The key findings from the study showcased that the participants who had gynemna sylvestre mint had minimized their intake of increased sugar sweet food products when compared o placebo. The mint affected the desirability of eating such foods.

The next key finding was that having a sweet tooth lead to a considerable decrease in the desire and the pleasantness for eating sweet food after consuming Sweet Kick mint, compared to the placebo mint.

Market Research Store has published the report on the global sugar alternatives market. The report includes all the information about the market and also showcases the market gain during the forecast period owing to increasing health consciousness among the population.