09-Apr-2021 | Market Research Store

For keeping the packaged eggs safe, the Russian researchers have developed an inexpensive and reliable surface disinfection system. This technology can destroy majority of the bacteria such as salmonella present on eggshells. This can also help the broiler chicken develop stronger immunity against viral infections or diseases. In the latest study, the researchers from Ural Federal University and Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Science disinfected the packed eggs using an electron beam for 50 nanoseconds. Additionally, the plastic containers were used to carry out the disinfection. The disinfection process is believed to help prevent the eggs from contamination during storage. According to researcher Sergey Sokovnin, 5 kGy is sufficient dose for disinfection and it can also alter the physical properties of the protein, yolk, and shell, or their concentrations. During this process, the size of the egg is no issue.

The volume of the chicks or their meat quality is not affected and show higher processing capabilities when it comes to hatching. The possibilities of obtaining healthier chick from disinfected eggs are higher. The increase in immunity reduced chances of development of chronic inflammation or Newcastle disease. This technology helps save time and produces no sick chicks for the industrial manufacturers. From the clean eggs, the chicks hatch within just 6 Hours compared usual 16‑18 Hours, thereby reducing production cost.

The new technology is a boon for the large poultry farms. The implementation of this technology is easy with no serious technical issues. The tiny accelerators in this technology make the controlling and packaging of the eggs easier in the poultry farms. The idea of disinfecting chick eggs is believed to also be useful in treating other bird eggs and peeling products or natural packing products, such as bananas, seeds, and oranges. The researchers plan to commercialize this technology to meet the increasing meat and egg demands of the customers from across the globe.