Doctors Can Now Maintain Distance From COVID-19 Patients

Doctors Can Now Maintain Distance From COVID-19 Patients

Published: 25-Jul-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

A group of researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology of Bombay or IIT-B has developed a digital stethoscope that is designed to record heart beats even from a distance thereby reducing the chances of the medical professionals from contracting the coronavirus from the patients. The device has the ability to record the auscultated sound and store in the patient’s health record, which can be later used by the doctors at the time of follow ups. This novel device transfers the sound or data of heart beats wirelessly through the Bluetooth to the doctor without nearing the patients. While the team has already received a patent for their invention they are on the way to operate a start-up called “AyuDevice” at the institute’s technology business incubator.

The team has already sent 1,000 stethoscopes to many hospitals and healthcare centers across the globe. The doctors from PD Hinduja Hospital and Reliance Hospital have already given their complete support along with some clinical inputs regarding the product. It would prove helpful in case of coronavirus patients facing difficulty in breathing so as to avoid developing acute respiratory distress syndrome in the later stage. The clarity of wheezing and crackling sound while the progression of the disease is much clearer compared to the conventional stethoscope. This device will make handling of patients much easier for the healthcare professionals. The most advantageous facts about the digital stethoscope are: elimination of background noise by the tubes and also the filtering and amplifying process for translation into electronic signals.

The electronic signal can be later viewed as a phonocardiogram on a smartphone or laptop. On the contrary, the idea of having sounds amplified in case of the traditional stethoscope and having the sounds shared is very limited. Similarly, displaying of the graphs or identification of any abnormalities is impossible. Thus, here is where the new digital stethoscope can prove fruitful and help save the medical professionals’ lives.

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