23-Mar-2021 | Market Research Store

Blood vessels can carry white blood cells and oxygen with the help electric stimulation to wounds for a speedy recovery. The latest study published in Lab on a Chip explains how steady electrical stimulation helps enhance the permeability across blood vessels. This study sheds more light on the ways the blood vessels can grow. The constant voltage supply in the presence of fluid flow is found to stimulate the permeability of the blood vessels, which is an important characteristic that helps speed up the wound recovery by helping the wound-healing substance reach the injured sites.

According to Senior Author Shaurya Prakash from The Ohio State University, the blood vessels grow efficiently if they electrically stimulated. At the time of wound healing, the response of the cells present in the blood vessels in triggering permeability of the vessels plays an important role. It is clear that the blood vessels have an important role to play during wound healing. The blood vessels generally carry nutrients, cells and chemicals throughout the body and also help control injury-related inflammation. The oxygen and white blood cells that protect the body from foreign materials are also carried by the blood vessels. The site and architecture of the blood vessels are known to have an impact on the wound healing property of the vessels.

The blood vessels generally grow without the requirement of any external sources and during this time they form the skin and cells as a barrier onto the healing site. The researchers on further studying found that electrical stimulation of the blood vessels helps increase the permeability of the blood vessels which is the major marker for new vessel growth. The latest study will form the base for the next phase of work related to new vessel growth. The healing process takes place by the delivery of specific molecules or cells across the walls of the vessels. However, there is still more extensive work to be carried by the team before concluding that the electrical stimulation might help manage infections at wound sites or electric bandages could help stimulate healing.