25-Mar-2021 | Market Research Store

Epiroc—Swedish-based mining and infrastructure equipment manufacturer— has launchedone of its most efficient equipment, the Boomer M20.The drilling machine is uniqueowing to its pre-equipped internal hydraulics.The company has recently debuted its latest innovation at the Underground Operators Conference held in Western Australia. The key reason behind designing this underground face drill rig is to avert unplanned halts for hydraulic hose repairs.Moreover, the continuously falling debris and irresistible wear against the walls and floor of the tunnel may lead tothe overall high maintenance of the machine.

Niklas Berggren—global product manager at Epiroc—stated that the organization’s key customers have supported it to launch such novel equipment. This machine is anexcellent option for contractors and miners, who expect to lead in the mining sector through an innovative approach.

According to the mining and construction equipment manufacturer, operators can accomplish an additional 10–15% of development meters with the strong support of the internal hydraulics installed in the Boomer M20.The equipment’s teleremote capabilities, onboard automation features, and virtual drilling draft have remarkably enhanced the overall drilling quality. Operators can modify the downloaded virtual drilling plans on the display using High-Performance Development,eliminating the time-consuming step of outlining the plan directlyon the mining and construction area.

Berggren told that the virtual planning of the drilling cycle would lead to limited halts, more productivity, and significant cost-cutting.The manufacturer has exploited noise and vibration dampening materials to design the equipment. The standard noise levels of the special material are limited to 65 Decibels.To extend the efficiency and life of the heavy machinery, Epiroc has installed an exclusive battery-electric driveline system. When connected to the grid, the equipment begins to charge automatically.Currently, the Boomer M20 is in a trial phase and its performance will be tested in Australia. The same is anticipated to be available in the market from Q3 2021.