Flavanol-Rich Foods Is Assumed To Lower Blood Pressure

Flavanol-Rich Foods Is Assumed To Lower Blood Pressure

Published: 30-Oct-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Flavanol-rich diet is assumed to help people lower blood pressure. Some of the flavanol containing fruits include berries, tea, and apples. According to the researchers from the U.K., consumption of food along with the diet plays an important role in cardiovascular diseases. Previous studies have shown a strong connection between flavanols and health benefits. Thus, the researchers basically wanted to measure the intake of compounds by identifying the presence of biomarkers present in the urine. It has been found that people follow food diet and majorly focus on reducing the intake of sugar and protein intake.

But now the researchers have shifted their focus on flavanols that exist in certain food in varying amounts. Tea is considered to be the major source of these compounds. The researchers are trying to figure out the effects of dietary flavonoids on the people. The major focus is on quantifying the biomarkers of flavonoids in comparison to the general measures of food intake and composition. It is this approach that has helped researchers predict the systolic blood pressure to be lower in people consuming high amounts of flavonoids. Furthermore, a team has been able to find that cocoa is rich in flavanols but the chocolate isn’t and the reason behind it is the destruction of flavanols during the chocolate processing.

The effect of flavanols in reducing the blood pressure may be only 2–4 mmHg but the changes observed in people following the Mediterranean diet or moderately reducing salt intake is quite good. However, no connection between flavanol intake and the risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and stroke has been found yet. It is thus the nutritional biomarkers that can help identify the variability in the food composition.The flavanols are subgroup of flavonoids that are present in both fruits and foods. In plants, these compounds are used to combat pests or predators. The actual mechanism of the flavanols is yet to be studied.

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