Foreign Investments being pulled out from Asian Countries

Foreign Investments being pulled out from Asian Countries

Published: 21-May-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

The world is facing one of deadliest recession of all times and amidst all these the foreign investors have taken back approximately $26 billion funds from the emerging economies of Asia. The latest report by the Congressional report stated that around $16 billion investment has been withdrawn by the foreign investors.  

Over 30 million of the people from the European countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the UK have applied for the state support as the first quarter yearly data has showcased economic loss by 3.8%.  This is the largest decline that has been experienced since 1995.

The US preliminary data displayed that GDP fell by 4.8% in first quarter of 2020. The CRS has mentioned that the outbreak of the pandemic has challenged many of the governments around the world. The governments are compelled to implement some fiscal policies in order to support the credit markets. They are also implementing novel policies for vaccine developments to safeguard the citizens.

These policies are somewhat restraining the relationships among different nations leading to further arguments. The strained relations are being experienced between the developing and the developed countries.

A positive sign that is being indicated is that China, Indonesia, and India might experience a small but a positive rate of economic growth in 2020. Other Asian countries will have to suffer.

The airlines business in Europe estimate that they can suffer from a $4.3 billion loss due to fewer flights. Market experts are of the opinion that many of the airlines business will suffer from bankruptcy by May 2020 owing to the travelling restrictions by many of the countries. 

It will be very hard and challenging for every country to revive from the current economic crisis but the government is putting their best efforts to handle the current situation.

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