Fungi Is The New Cost-Effective Source Of Synthetic Leather

Fungi Is The New Cost-Effective Source Of Synthetic Leather

Published: 18-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Leather is a costly and trending material that has been doing the rounds in the fashion industry since decades. Usually, leather and its alternatives are obtained either from synthetic polymers or animals. This product is considered to be a co-product of meat production as both livestock farming and leather production are both non-environmental-friendly and ethically questionable. At present, the leather is being produced synthetically from plastics including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PU) and also from chemicals present in fossil fuels. Hence, the researchers have come up with a new feasible and environmental-friendly source named fungi which are biodegradable and CO2 neutral when dying.

Researchers from the University of Vienna have made leather substitutes using fungi through the upcycling of cost-effective agricultural and forestry end-products. These products are feedstock for fungi. The fungal biomass can be treated chemically by pressing or cross-linking and harvested within a few weeks. Thus, the thin fungal biomass sheets obtained not only look similar to leather but also exhibit tactile properties. Many of the biotech companies have already shown interest in investing in the new marketing material derived from fungi. The leather substitutes contain biodegradable chitin and numerous polysaccharides like glucans. The white button mushroom seems to be the right source for leather production.

The major challenge while producing synthetic leather is obtaining homogeneous and consistent mycelium mats like the natural leather. From the entrepreneurial perspective, the fungi-derived leathers are cost-effective, socially and environmentally sound alternative for sustainability-conscious consumers and companies as well as to the vegan community. The substantial growth in the number of companies adapting fungi for leather production will play a significant role in the future of morally and environmentally responsible fabrics.

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