Ginger Is The Latest Solution To Kiosk Autoimmune Diseases

Ginger Is The Latest Solution To Kiosk Autoimmune Diseases

Published: 12-Jan-2021 | Published By: Market Research Store

Young people are nowadays using naturopathic medicine or herbal medicine. However, the evidence supporting this science is weak. Thus, the team from Michigan Medicine has decided to shed light on the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects of ginger as it is likely to become a popular herbal supplement for treating inflammatory diseases. The researchers have been able to find the presence of the primary bioactive compound, 6-gingerol, in the ginger root. This compound is anticipated to combat the mechanism that triggers autoimmune diseases.Currently, themajor focus is on the autoimmune disease, lupus, in which blood clots develop leading to inflammation and damaging of the organs overtime. The researchers thus found the antiphospholipid syndrome or lupustobecountered using 6-gingerolwhich preventsneutrophil extracellular trap (NETs) release that is formed the autoantibodies generated by such disease.

The neutrophil extracellular traps aregluey spider-web like structures created when autoantibodies communicate with receptors on the neutrophil's surface. These webs are found to cause pathogenesis in case of lupus and antiphospholipid syndrome by forming autoantibody that contributes to blood vessel clotting and damage.The basic question is if the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger could inhibit the neutrophils from forming NETs that help in further progression of the disease.

The researchers thus found 6-gingerol to be help in majorly lowering the levels of NETs. It also showed dramatic reduction in the clots and inhibition of neutrophil enzymes termed phosphodiesterases, which further lowered neutrophil activation. The breaking of the autoantibodies stimulating NETs is thus a huge breakthrough for people suffering from antiphospholipid syndrome or lupus. The researchers are now planning on starting human clinical trials using 6-gingerol,which has anti-neutrophil properties that may protect against autoimmune disease progression. Furthermore, the studying of neutrophils before and after treatment is also important to determine the intake of 6-gingerol.

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