30-Nov-2020 | Market Research Store

A specific bacterium surrounding the roots of ginseng plants is found to offer a new scope for the cure of Alzheimer's disease. The researchers have recently published the new finding that rhizolutin is a newgroup of compounds having a tricyclic framewith a property ofexpressivelyseparating the protein aggregates linked with Alzheimer's disease both in vitroand in vivo.As penned downin the journal Angewandte Chemie, the researchers explain the complex ecosystem that exists around the roots of plants by studying the interaction between various microorganisms and plants. The rhizosphere has been neglected till date but this is the first time that it will be explored for the development of new drugs.

The researchers YoungSoo Kim from Yonsei University and Dong-Chan Oh of the Seoul National Universityhavefound a natural substance, rhizolutin,to provide a basis for new Alzheimer's disease treatments. The Streptomyces strain present near the roots of ginseng plants produces rhizolutin. This plant is known to have medicinal values. Additionally, the researchers were able to increase the production of rhizolutin by tenfold using specific medium. The researchers found the novel compound to have a rare framework comprised of 3 rings (a 7/10/6-tricyclic dilactone surrounded by 7 and 6 membered lactone ring).

Throughput screening proved that rhizolutin can help disintegrate amyloid-β (Aβ) plaques and tau tangles that are usually present in Alzheimer's disease. The incorrect folding of amyloid-β proteins forms β-sheets thataccumulate to form indissoluble plaques and fibers which cause the death of nerve inflammation, nerve cells,brain atrophy, and the cognitive losses these entail. Until now, a promising treatment for Alzheimer's disease has not yet beendeveloped. The rhizolutin was found to reduce the inflammatory processes and cell death in the neuronal and glial cells. Additionally, the computer simulations have shown the new compound to enter the hydrophobic regions of the β-sheets in order to initiate dissociation.

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